Unique New Zodiac Year 2023-2024






1st Aug'23 => 1st Feb 2024

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Major Astrological Changes Happening


1. Sun & Mars in Sagittarius from 22nd/24th Nov'

2. Jupiter in Taurus May 2023 => 24th May 2024

Jupiter conjuncts Uranus Taurus => April/May 2024

3. Saturn in Pisces - March 2023 => July 2025

Saturn in Pisces & Neptune HOME in Pisces

4. Pluto enters Aquarius on 21st Jan 2024


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"Unique Zodiac Year 2023-2024"

Next 4 Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Sagittarius [Fire] - 22nd Nov' => 22nd Dec' 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Sagittarius - This Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Capricorn [Earth] - 22nd Dec'23 => 20th Jan' 2024

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Capricorn - Next Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Aquarius [Air] - 20th Jan' => 19th Feb' 2024

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Aquarius - Next Next Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Pisces [Water] - 19th Feb' => 19th March 2024

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Pisces - Next Next Month's Astrological Events"


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