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Private Astrology Readings with Jonny

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"One word by the right person can open a thousand doors"


"Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius 2021"

***Loveable & Likeable for Success***


All readings are given - via - WhatsApp

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Full Astrology Readings

I'm available - Everyday for Readings - except Saturday's


1 Hour Reading via whatsapp $150


In 1 hour reading I explain your astrological chart - relevant to your current situation

The relevant astrological aspects that explain your current situation

& Dates of when you can expect things to improve and change


In 1 hour reading I fully explain your astrological chart - past-present-future

Including all the Moon transits that are LUCKY for you

Including all the LUCKY zones for the next 6 months


The relevant astrological aspects that explain your current situation

& Dates of when you can expect things to improve and change


In the 1 hour reading I will include "other" people you're connected to

and will include understanding of who is best for you - and - why they're good



All readings include WhatsApp contact for 12 months


I will ensure that the reading I give you comes true within the next 12 months

I will guide you through all your decisions for next 12 months

I will be your constant companion to ensure you won't make any mistakes!

I'm Online Everyday - for - instant messaging and instant readings



All readings includes access to the WhatsApp Astrology Group - launched on 26th Jan' 2020

For everyone whose had a reading with me - includes - Daily-Video's - Wisdom from "Books-Of-Secrets"




"Think-Big" - Membership for "2021"

All Readings will include Access to the New Membership Section


Membership includes Access to the All the AUDIO's in the members Section of the Website

Membership includes Access to the NEW Members-only WhatsApp "THINK BIG" Group

Membership includes being able to contact me via WhatsApp for FREE anyday of the year except Saturday's



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