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Astrology Predictions for Leo

For everyone with Sun in Leo - Astrology Predictions - Weekly


Week from Monday 6th => Monday 13th July 2020

A Truthful Week of defining - 100% pure "right" in your life

A Clear-Thinking Week of Truth's - 5 Retrogrades !

Full explanations with audio's @ "This Weeks Astrology"


Sun in Cancer [Water Sign] Full Moon in Capricorn [Earth Sign] was on Sunday 5th July 2020

Mercury retrograde Cancer [Water Sign] Venus in Gemini [Air Sign] Mars in Aries [Fire Sign]

Jupiter retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune retrograde Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign]


* Sun 14° => 21° Cancer

* Full Moon 13° Capricorn on 5th July 2020

* Next New Moon 28° Cancer on 20th July 2020

* Mercury 7° => 5° Cancer - retrograde

* Mercury goes direct Sunday 12th July 2020

* Venus 7° => 10° Gemini

* Mars 4° => 8° Aries

* Jupiter 23°24' => 22°31' Capricorn - retrograde

*Jupiter goes direct 12th September 2020

* Saturn 29°43' => 29°13' Capricorn - retrograde

* Saturn goes direct 29th September 2020

* Uranus 10°02' => 10°14' Taurus

* Neptune 20°55' => 20°51' Pisces - retrograde

* Neptune goes direct 29th November 2020

* Pluto 23°58' => 23°48' Capricorn - retrograde

* Pluto goes direct 5th October 2020

Audio Version - This Week - for Leo

Week's Audio - SunSign Leo

5 Retrogrades - Re-Connections - Getting-back-on-track

You owe it to yourself to be honest with yourself

This week's - Sun in Cancer & 5 retrogrades will make things happen !

Mars in Aries [FireSign] is coming to RESCUE you


For your SunSign of Leo - it all depends on how LUCKY you are with the OTHER people in your life. All you've got to do is realize the GOOD side of LUCKY you are because of OTHER GOOD people in your life.


The good news is - your SunSign Leo is being prepared for something NEW to begin in your life - the NEW officially began when Mars entered Aries [FireSign] on Sunday 28th June 2020 - and - during the next few weeks "it" will be revealed to you.


The fullness of Mars in Aries [FireSign] - will be - revealed to you during Sun in Leo [FireSign] from 22nd July - to ensure - BIG SUCCESS - FULL of HAPPINESS by the Full Moon in Aquarius on 3rd August 2020.


"It" is something NEW - and - you've been waiting a long time for what is about to happen. Mars in Aries [FireSign] is coming to RESCUE you. Mars in Aries [FireSign] - with - Venus in Gemini [Air Sign] - will be all your need to FOCUS on - and - that's a definition of GOOD people in your life - that you love very much - because - they're very good for you.



[1] Sun in Cancer [Water Sign] Full Moon in Capricorn [Earth Sign] on 5th July 2020

Mercury in Cancer [Water Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign]


It will be challenging for your SunSign Leo sign

Because - you really want ONLY GOOD people in your life - who are 100% GOOD for you

But - you attract a mixture of GOOD and BAD people too - especially in "business" and "work" !


This week - you'll be forced to face-a-truth about all the people in your life

This week - you'll begin to realize how empowering it is to WORK-WITH all kinds of people

This week - you'll see how COMMUNICATING with them - can - make life easy and successful for you



[2] Sun in Cancer [Water Sign] will be creating BIG coincidences

As Sun in Cancer oppositions - means - Earth comes inbetween

It's going to be revealing the TRUTH for everyone on Earth

And for your SunSign Leo - it will be GOOD for you - TRUTH is always good - isn't it?


We're all going to be moving into the magnetic field of Sun-Jupiter on Tuesday 14th July 2020

The crossover on Tuesday 14th July 2020 - will define - the next 6 months of your life

And the crossover's on 15th July & 21st July 2020 - will define the next 3 years of your life

All the crossover's will define - getting your-life-back-on-track

Jupiter is the BIGGEST planet in our Solar System - which defines - feeling something "BIG"


12th July: Sun 20° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 20° Pisces

14th July: Sun 22° Cancer opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 22° Capricorn

15th July: Sun 23° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 23° Capricorn

20th July: New Moon 27° Cancer - 2nd New Moon

21st July: Sun 28° Cancer opposes Saturn [retrograde] 28° Capricorn


The HONEST TRUTH of all your LIFE - HOME - RELATIONSHIPS will become clear

The FANTASTIC loving and loyal relationships - in contrast - with the nasty people you've known

Unfortunately the vast majority of people are selfish and mean - and - are NOT GOOD for you


This week everyone who is supposed to be in your life will be in your life

All the "other" time-wasting and selfish people will soon be out-of-life forever



[3] 5 retrogrades - means "reconnections" - loyalty - truthful - people who make you a HAPPY LEO !

Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Pluto retrograde in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Saturn retrograde & Mercury retrograde in Cancer [Water Sign] & Neptune retrograde in Pisces [Water Sign]


All your answers and good luck - all your positive energy is defined by VERY GOOD people you already know

If there are any people in your life - who aren't there for you this week - then you'll be upset - but accept "the truth".

The good news is that there will be people who are there for you - and - you'll love and appreciate them so much !




Zodiac Year 2020 for Leo

Part II - 1st July => 30th September '20

2 New Audio's created on Wednesday 1st July 2020

With New Beginnings & "Be-Yourself Energy of Summer 2020"

Audio Version - Summary for SunSign Leo

Audio #2 [21mins] for - Introduction to "Summer of Magnetism 2020"

Explaining the 3 different human "instincts" for "Survival" & "Success"


Using your Natural Instincts

5 Planets in Retrograde - with - Mars in Aries

Everyone has an instinctive characteristic with which you deal with "life"


Mars in Aries defines your ability to deal-with-life's fixed situations created by

Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto - in Capricorn | Uranus in Taurus | Neptune in Pisces


Whenever you're under "intense" situation - you've got your own individual way with which you deal-with-life

These repetitive patterns - defined - "YOUR" personal human-instincts to cope-with and deal-with difficulties

These reptitive patterns - will have similarities to events of - 1990 - 1992 - 1995 - 1996 - 2003 - 2008 - 2012 - 2015


This Summer - July - August - September 2020 - life will force you to deal-with- changes - by 14th September

How you solve your problems - how you deal with life - how you operate successfully - is either [1] [2] or [3]


The fixed planets - of - Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto - in Capricorn | Uranus in Taurus | Neptune in Pisces

Means - that these fixed situations that have been given to each of us - have to be solved by Mid-September

Please BE YOURSELF - deal with situations that natural-way you always deal with difficulties !



[1] Walk-away from all difficulties - when things get too-much - you walk-away

This is the "detached" way to - detach yourself from negativity

The more you detach - the more you feel happiness and freedom

Everyone who walks-away - always walks-away from bad situations


Everyone who walks-away - always BELIEVES that new beginnings can only begin when you walk-way

Financially and personal relationships you can only BEGIN something NEW after you've ENDED something BAD

The quicker you END something BAD - the quicker you can BEGIN something NEW

Mars in Aries wants everyone to BEGIN a NEW phase - hence - ending of something BAD has to happen too!



[2] Panic - Frustration - Worry - Complain - Protest - Anxiousness - Nervousness

This is the type of person that immerses themselves in "negativity" and can't break-free

The type that fights negativity with negativity - always looses - and - gets more frustrated

The only way a "panicky" person deals with negativity is going-to people who can save them


Everyone who panics always - has a "go-to person" to help save them solve their problems

If the "panicky" person becomes too-much trouble this summer - then - people will stop helping them

When "everyone" is under-pressure - no-one wants "excess" baggage of negative-people around them

This is why "some" heavy-relationships will break-up during Summer - as no-one wants negativity

Positive people will say - better to be "alone" - than - with someone who is excessively negative



[3] The best way of dealing with life is with an optimistic Happiness-attitude-to-life

Optimism - means - believing and saying - "everything will be alright"

A "HAPPY" person emits positive energy of light and happiness - with - smiles and positive words

A "HAPPY" person accepts the negative situation - but - keeps being positive to cancel-out the negative

because - from past experiences - a "HAPPY" person believes - "everything will be alright"



The 5 planets in retrograde will ensure everyone deals-with negative situations in your own instinctive way

You'll use your instincts to get-through-it-all - with the help of Mars in Aries [1st StarSign of the Zodiac - FireSign]


All I can say is - I hope - you'll keep cool - keep calm - trust-in-life - won't worry

And - appreciate each day as a gift of life - appreciate all the good people in your life

And - understand with love and compassion - that - everyone in the world is suffering too.

A wise and enlightened soul - always trusts and believes that - "everything will be alright"


Summer of Magnetism for Leo

Sun in Leo will be your best month


The definition of "you" - where you belong - your home is your destined stability

The definition of "you" - is all the good people in your life - "better to have NO-ONE than the WRONG-ONE"

The definition of "you" - is whatever makes you happy - happiness creates aliveness within "YOU"


[1] 4 Powerful Full Moon's - 5th July - Full Moon in Capricorn - 3rd August - Full Moon in Aquarius -

2nd September - Full Moon in Pisces - and - 2nd October - Full Moon in Aries


Each Full Moon will UNLOCK something NEW inside you

Each Full Moon will create MAGNETISM of TRUTH that you need to know

Each Full Moon will give you energy to WANT and DESIRE a change



[2] Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] - 28th June 2020 => 6th January 2021

Mars in Aries is NOT True "Aries" - Mars in Aries is the engine and power to create something NEW

Mars in Aries is held-in-orbit by Sun in Cancer - Sun in Leo - Sun in Virgo - which means GOOD NEWS

Mars in Aries will ensure - you get your life - BACK-on-track - with vision of long-term stability



[3] Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - The biggest planet Jupiter is in control until 17th December 2020

Jupiter is creating LONG-TERM stability - defined by - the most important facet of your life - "YOUR HOME"


During Summer 2020 - 3 planets - Jupiter & Saturn & Pluto in retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Will ensure - MAGNETISM that you LOVE wherever you're living - because - you feel SAFE and SECURE



[4] Jupiter retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Neptune retrograde Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] - Uranus goes retrograde on 16th August 2020


All outer planets in retrograde - retrograde means MAGNETISM - RECONNECTIONS

Success will be created via PEOPLE you already know - and - PEOPLE who know you

Success will be created via PEOPLE who trust you - PEOPLE who want you


Mars will be retrograde in Aries from 10th September => 14th November 2020

* Mars will be direct until 10th Septmber 2020

* Jupiter goes direct 12th September 2020

* Saturn goes direct 29th September 2020

* Neptune goes direct 29th November 2020

* Pluto goes direct 5th October 2020



"Questions to ask yourself?"


The Zodiac Year 2020-2021 has awakened everyone - and - you should be questioning yourself about facets of your life. Sun in Cancer - followed by - Sun in Leo - followed by Sun in Virgo - defines "YOUR LIFE" - "YOUR HOME" - and - the definition of all good facets of your life and all the sincere people in your life - that give you STABILITY and HAPPINESS.


[1] Your Home - are you happy where you're living ?

The "home" defined - by - Jupiter Saturn Pluto in Capricorn

You've realized exactly where you belong in the past few months

And you'll be exactly where you are UNTIL December 2020


If you've got to "move" - if you realize you're in the wrong place

Then during Summer you'll have the GOOD LUCK to make the move


The ONLY options should be somewhere you've already lived before

because 5 planets in retrograde - define - going-back "home"



[2] Ambition and Goals - Career and Business - Mars in Aries [Fire Sign]

Mars in Aries - all "businesses" that have been "dead" will be awakened and back-to-normal

Mars in Aries - will awaken the determination and desire - to earn "money"

Mars in Aries - is what you do to SURVIVE - as "Money" creates STABILITY - as it calms "anxiousness"

If something has come to END - then - Mars in Aries will say END "it" - and - BEGIN something NEW



[3] Do you LOVE life - or - Do you HATE life ?

Do you tell people how much you LOVE them - or - do you moan and complain ?


Do you LOVE the people in your life ?

Do you LOVE what you're doing with your life ?

Do you LOVE life ?


Summer for SunSign Leo - means - NO more complaining about life

Summer for SunSign Leo - means - if you complain you'll become a loser

Summer for SunSign Leo - means - love whatever you love and love whoever you love


Anything that's not-right for you - will be eliminated by end of July 2020

Anything that's right for you - will be MAGNETIZED and ATTRACTED into your life in July & August 2020


Then you'll see your magnetism and attraction defined by what's truthfully "RIGHT FOR YOU"

"RIGHT FOR YOU" will mean "it" is "RIGHT FOR EVERYONE in YOUR LIFE too"


Summer 2020 - defines being connected to everyone "RIGHT FOR YOU" - "ON YOUR WAVELENGTH"

Summer 2020 - defines Peace and stability - NO arguments with ANYONE who is truly GOOD for you

Summer 2020 - defines - BIG arguments and break-ups with ANYONE who is BAD for you



Destination is "Stability" by 26th August


Everyone is going to be experiencing something during Summer

The destination will become 100% clear for you by 15th August 2020

And thereafter the final pieces will move into place by 15th September 2020


If you're confused or uncertain during July 2020

Then either wait to see what happens in August

or - have a reading with me - I will explain your confusion




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