"2024" - Energetic & Exciting



Audio "#3 Pluto in Aquarius"

"#3 Believing in The Future"


Life's existence is all about "#3 Believing in the Future"

"#3 Believing in the Future" is essential to a Healthy Life

Happy-Successful-People "#3 Believe in the Future"

Happiness & Excitement makes "You Believe in the Future"

Pluto in Aquarius will make "Lights-go-on-to-Believe"

Pluto in Aquarius will create reasons to "#3 BELIEVE"


People who "Don't Believe in the Future" are "TOXIC"

People who "Believe in-End-of-the-World" are "EVIL"

Depressed-Sad-People "Can't Believe in the Future"

"Non-believers" are closed-minded "Stupid" fools

Foolishness is Living-in-Sadness & Still Complaining

Aquarius says "do something instead of complaining"



I've listed the dates of @ "#expect the unexpected"

Pluto entered Aquarius [Air] - 21st January 2024

Pluto will create New & Exciting Beginnings

You'll know what "it" is - when you get "it" !



"#3 Believing in The Future"

Future is "Love-Sex-Money"

You'll know when "it" happens


When you're "IN-LOVE" - you believe in the future

When you "HATE-LIFE" - you can't believe in the future

If you "HATE-LIFE" - it's because of "NO Love-Sex-Money"

Pluto will make you FOCUS on achieving "Love-Sex-Money"


"Love-Sex-Money" - are the basics for - "LOVING-LIFE"

You can't get excited about life without - "Love-Sex-Money"

Pluto in Aquarius creates desires for "Love-Sex-Money"

"Love-Sex-Money" is the maximum earthly life-energy


Aquarius is starsign of sudden rebellious shocks/surprises

Pluto in Aquarius wants you to "Love-Life-Sex-Money"

And "it" will shock & surprise you when "it" happens !



"#3 Believing in The Future"

"Love Never Complains"


Complaining is another way of "REJECTING LIFE"

Complaining is your way of saying "NO-TO-TOXIC"

All your "ex's" created toxicity via "COMPLAINING"

All "failure's" are created via negativity of "complaining"


Successful people IGNORE negative toxic people

Successful people DON'T WASTE TIME "complaining"

IGNORING losers & nonsense is essential to SUCCESS

IGNORING lazy non-believers is essential to SUCCESS


Successful people TRANSFORM negative => positive

Pluto in Aquarius will TRANSFORM negative => positive


Pluto in Aquarius will TRANSFORM "OLD" => "YOUNG"

Pluto in Aquarius will "Ignore grumpy, hateful & miserable"

Pluto in Aquarius will "Gives-nothing to idiots who complain"

Pluto in Aquarius will "Give energy to LOVING & HAPPY"


Becoming "YOUNG-AGAIN" => BELIEVE in the future

All LOVEABLE people => BELIEVE in the future




"2024 is Year of Truth"

Everything is "Yes" or "No"




"Power of Pluto in Aquarius"

"Quality is more important than Quantity"


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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"