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"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you. I explain in the "Long Introduction to Moon Astrology" the basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares & the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you.


Moon Astrology explains that "Timing is Everything" - "When you do things at the right time - because you're in a good mood - you will have success" - and if you attempt to do anything when you're in a bad mood - you'll have problems. Understanding Moon Astrology and which StarSign the Moon is in and the Moon's aspects - informs you of "when that right time is for you".


Moon Astrology defines receiving the feelings that you need to feel in order to get your life right - to - become SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY with your LIFE. You weren't born to be SAD - you weren't born to be depressed - you weren't born to FAIL.


"This Year - 2020" - means - You're living in the BEST karmic generation of all time - "2020" is the BEST time to be alive on Earth to be SUCCESSFUL and "GET-IT-RIGHT". The only fact you need to know - is in order to be 100% SUCCESSFUL - you need to be 100% certain about the way you feel. You need to see the TRUTH - and - you need to feel the TRUTH.


Friday 28th February 2020 - Moon in Taurus

Awakening "desires" - will make something happen

Audio - Friday 28th February 2020

Moon in Taurus & Sun in Pisces

Audio - Saturday 29th February 2020

Moon in Taurus & Sun in Pisces

Audio - Sunday 1st March 2020

Moon in Gemini & Sun in Pisces


Moon Astrology - defines that when there's a New Moon - you feel something NEW about to begin - because - you feel a FRESHNESS - and when there's a Full Moon - BIG things happen - because - the enormous energies of a Full Moon - ensures you get "it".


Hence, the journey of New Moon to Full Moon - will always be a journey - for which many people find the 1st 4-5 days DEAD-BORING - too quiet - too unemotional - too nothing "yet". You're waiting for "something" - and nothing happens - makes you feel uncomfortable. Because you know that SOMETHING BIG will sooner or later be happening.


Moon in Taurus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - will for most people - be the BEGINNING of something revealing itself in your life. On Friday - Moon conjunct Uranus - Moon trine Mars - "it" will come SUDDENLY - and - EXCITING - with GOOD news.


Moon in Taurus will awaken your emotional DESIRES to WANT something specific - to love something - to hate something - to WANT something to change in your life - because "DEAD-BORING" is NOT a word for Moon in Taurus.


Moon in Taurus will "TURN-YOU-ON" - to whatever and whoever life wants you to be connected to - and - likewise - you'll be hearing from people who WANT to be connected to you - Moon in Taurus includes - "business, career and relationships" - then - whatever happens - is because - destiny WANTS "it" to happen for you - that's why you'll feel the feelings.


Let's be honest the ONLY times we actually do anything meaningful with our lives - is - when you truly WANT "it" - with passion and with desires - with emotions and feelings. And that's why the Full Moon will be extremely powerful. The Moon in Earth Sign of Taurus is the "sign" of the beginning to whatever is about to happen - defined by whatever you "WANT and DESIRE".


Friday 28th February 2020

Moon enters Taurus - 7am UK - 8am Europe - 11am Dubai UAE

12:30pm India - 6pm Australia - [Thurs' 11pm PDT] - 2am EST USA

Moon 3° Taurus conjunct Uranus 3° Taurus

Moon 4° Taurus sextiles Mercury [retrograde] 4° Pisces

Moon 8° Taurus trines Mars 8° Capricorn


Saturday 29th February 2020

Moon 10° Taurus sextiles Sun 10° Pisces

Moon 18° Taurus sextiles Neptune 18° Pisces

Moon 19° Taurus trines Jupiter 19° Capricorn


Sunday 1st March 2020

Moon 24° Taurus trines Pluto 24° Capricorn

Moon 28° Taurus trines Saturn 28° Capricorn

Moon enters Gemini - 7pm UK - 8pm Europe - 11pm Dubai UAE

[Mon' 00:30am India - 6am Australia] - 11am PDT - 2pm EST USA

Moon 1° Gemini squares Mercury [retrograde] 1° Pisces


Monday 2nd March 2020

Moon 12° Gemini squares Sun 12° Pisces

Moon 18° Gemini squares Neptune 18° Pisces


In the next few days - something will change in your REAL life - and - will make you BELIEVE in the future. The more you see that whatever changes was beyond your control - and - an act of destiny - then - the more "it" will awaken you and make you BELIEVE in the future. Destined events - will unlock something to happen - and in the 1st stage of the lunar cycle is to be SET-FREE from anything that's been worrying you and wrong for you.


Sun in Pisces - which means - Earth which orbits the Sun - Earth enters Virgo as viewed from the Sun - and - that means MOVEMENT for everyone - MOVEMENT that you need to live - MOVEMENT that you need to live your destiny.


You see - MOVEMENT & CHANGE is a natural human energy - more than half of your physical body is dedicated to PHYSICAL MOVEMENT. And all your internal body is constantly pumping blood and oxygen around your body.


The Sun in Pisces will unlock MOVEMENT & CHANGE. And with - all the planets in Earth StarSigns - will ensure - MOVEMENT & CHANGES is going to be the norm for everyone in the next 4 weeks - all the way to 17th March 2020. Especially in areas of your life which has been STUCK and STAGNANT in the past 12 months.



Audio - "Correcting-Mistakes" - Pisces

"FreeWill Choices" - and - "Correcting the Mistakes"


"FreeWill Choices" created Problems

This message doesn't apply to everyone - just - people who are feeling "guilty"!

Sun in Pisces will ensure - "some" people will be apologizing to you ...


Everyone is given the freewill choice - irrespective of the Astrology. The problems you've got in your life - weren't just recently created - the problems were created by "FreeWill Choices" all the way back to 2006.


In making a "RESET" - and - working-out where did it all go "WRONG" - the answer is simple - as far back as - "2006". And whilst you had STRONG moments in 2008-2009 to fix it and get it right. And whilst you have STRONG moments in 2012-2013 - and - 2015-2016 - and - 2018-2019 - "it" is NOW - - Sun in Pisces in February-March 2020 - that you've got the BIGGEST opportunities to get-it-right.


You could continue along your pathway - but - that would be STUPID. Because - everyone else is adapting and changing - everyone else is listening to DESTINY. Everyone else is awakened and getting their lives back-on-track.


The purpose of BLOCKAGES is not to "hurt" you - the purpose of which is to put you back-on-track. For "you" to be "Yourself". For "you" to live your destined destiny. Many people have already ruined their destiny - but - most people have the chance to "FIX" and "REPAIR" it now.


The reason I've added this - is many of you - are hearing from and will be hearing from people from your "past" - as they will be apologizing to you - because - they're full of guilt and anguish for the DAMAGE and PAIN they've caused you.



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