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Astrology Predictions for Pisces

For everyone with Sun in Pisces - Weekly & Yearly Astrology Predictions


Week from Monday 13th => Monday 20th January 2020

To be read in conjunction with "This Weeks Astrology"

* Sun 22° => 29° Capricorn

* Sun enters Aquarius on Monday 20th January 2020

* Next New Moon 3° Aquarius on 24th January 2020

* Mercury 24° Capricorn => enters Aquarius Thursday => 5° Aquarius

* Venus 0° => 7° Pisces

* Mars 6° => 11° Sagittarius

* Jupiter 9°30' => 11°01' Capricorn

* Saturn 22°50' => 23°38' Capricorn

* Uranus 2°39' => 2°41' Taurus

* Neptune 16°32' => 16°43' Pisces

* Pluto 22°47' => 23°01' Capricorn

Audio Version - This Week - for Pisces

Audio for Week - 13th => 20th January 2020 for Pisces



Sun in Capricorn - The StarSign of Destined Destiny

Your Destiny is defined by what you do for others

Your Destiny is defined by what others do for you

If someone does nothing for you - then - they're not your destiny

Happiness is being "connected" to your destiny - everyone on your wavelength

Happiness is knowing you're in the right place with the right people


4 planets - Sun - Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto - conjunctions in Capricorn

This week - all planets direct - living and seeing a bright destined future


Never before - at least in the past 30 years - since 1989 - 1990 - 1991 - has the planetary configuration been 100% totally on your side - and - since 1st December 2019 - "it" has begun. The changes that you'll make - the changes that will be happening in your life in December 2019 - and - January 2020 - will be PERFECT for you.


The real "you" - the new "you" - the perfect "you" will be emerging. And what you'll realize is that so many things you've done in the past 7 => 12 years of your life - weren't really good for you - and - with truthful clarity - you'll become detached from "it" all - and - life will ensure you become "ATTACHED" to everything and everyone who is truly 100% right for you.


"Some" of you have already experienced changes - whilst others have experienced "some" small changes but NOTHING BIG yet. If you've not had anything BIG yet - then - when during the next few weeks - BIG things will be changing - Sun in Capricorn will be making it all happen for you - this is "it" for you - MAJOR CHANGES & MYSTERIOUS COINCIDENCES !


Sun in Capricorn [Earth Sign] | Sun enters Aquarius [Air Sign] on 20th Jan'20

Mercury enters Aquarius [Air Sign] on Thursday 16th Jan | Venus in Pisces [Water Sign]

Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] | Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] | Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


The problem for your SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] is - TRUTH - and TRUTH is destined TRUTH. Destiny is saying you can't live a lie anymore - you can only live the TRUTH. And anyone who lies to you - you'll learn to deal with them with STRENGTH and confidence - to tell them to stop lying to you.


The truth will be shocking and surprising for many StarSigns because in at least ONE area of your life you've been living-a-lie - something has NOT-BEEN-RIGHT for you - but - as a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - you've always known the TRUTH of what's right for you - and - you've merely been waiting for the DESTINED TRUTH to happen for you.


TRUTH - is on-your-side - TRUTH is stability - and - TRUTH will be the winner. The problem will be watching "other" people's lives fall-apart - and - if you're emotionally connected to them or know them - the puzzle will be what you do to help them.


"Some" of you - the kind-hearted compassionate SunSign Pisces - you'll be tempted to help them - but - you'll be much more protective of your own personality and happiness than you have been in the past. "Some" of you will actually become more DETACHED with a don't careless for "them" anymore attitude - as "they" hurt you in the past - and - now you're seeing karma paying "them" back.


The Astrological configuration of honesty and stability - is - saying ONLY FOCUS ON - and - ONLY BE CONNECTED to good people - and - forget "rotten" people who've been bad to you. Rotten people are like poison - [or manure] - don't touch - don't get involved with them. Liars have been bad for you - liars are bad for you - so don't make any mistakes - like you have done in the past !


Life is saying - FORGET THE PAST. The PAST is finished - the PAST is DEAD - the PAST is over. You life will be changing - thanks to a UNEXPECTED SUDDEN MIRACLE which is happening and about to happen in your life. A MIRACLE is when something exciting happens that you can't predict or expect.


A MIRACLE is when you experience something EXTRA-ORDINARY - and - it makes you feel you've been put "back-on-track" - filled full of POSITIVE energy - good health - excitement - love and meaning in your life. A MIRACLE is a change that makes you LOOK-FORWARD to the future.


Hence, the ONLY NEGATIVE and ANNOYING SIDE - is - TRUTH and CLARITY - will be realizing how BAD some people are for you - and - that you must DISCONNECT and DIVORCE yourself from "them". LET-GO of "garbage".


LET-GO of anyone who does nothing for you - "they" only use you - "they" don't do any good for you - "they" don't careless about you - so - the only solution is - LET-GO of them - and - STOP wasting your time on them.


The good news is that via the - power of MAGNETISM and ATTRACTION - and - via the power of REPULSION - your powers will be VERY STRONG to get "it" all during Sun in Capricorn - and - you'll be even more shocked and surprised of how much can change in the next 30 days - especially after Sun enters Aquarius on Monday 20th January 2020.



This Year 2019/2020 for Pisces

Dec '19 - Jan '20 - Feb'20 - Mar'20

New Audio created on 8th December 2019

Audio - Summary 1st Dec'19 => 22nd March 2020 for Pisces


Uncovering The Real "You"

Be honest with yourself - Be "You"

The definition of "you" - is what "you" do for other people

The definition of "you" - is what "you" think of and desire


Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



Attracting your destiny because "You" are being "You"

Be truthful with life - and life will create what happens to "you"

Deep inside you - you know yourself - you know what you want !

Destiny wants "you" to reveal yourself and what you want to the world.



[1] Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] from 2nd December 2019 => 17th December 2020

[2] 4 Powerful Full Moon's - 12th Dec'19 - 10th Jan '20 - 9th Feb '20 - Full Moon in Virgo on 14th March 2020

[3] Mars in Sagittarius 3rd Jan => 16th Feb' & Mars in Capricorn 16th Feb' => 30th March 2020

[4] Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn & Uranus in Taurus - 4 planets in [Earth Signs]

[5] Saturn enters Aquarius 22nd March 2020



For the 1st time in 30 years - all the planets are on-your-side. Everything is being put-back-on-track.

Everything you've done in the past 12 years - that you've been forced to do - because you had no-choice will "END".

Everything you've done because there was no choice or alternative.

Everything you've accepted but you knew was WRONG for you - will "END".

Everything that's truly WRONG for you - you'll become detached from and stop thinking about.



All coincidences will appear to happen "mysteriously"

All coincidences will happen because "you" are being honest with yourself

All coincidences will happen because "you" are no longer thinking-negative and focused on what you want

All coincidences will ensure you stop lying to yourself - and - be honest with others of what you honestly want



As a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - you've always known the difference between right and wrong

As a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - you've always known the people who are good for you

As a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - you've always known to be a reliable, loyal and trustworthy friend

As a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - you've always attracted liars and people who take-advantage of you

As a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - you've got to learn to sense clearly who is good and who is bad

As a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - you've got to learn CONFIDENCE to stand-up for TRUTH and be a WINNER



As a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - your SUCCESS and HAPPINESS is defined by all the GOOD people in your life

Which means that now is the time to DISCARD all "karmic" garbage - and - detach from anyone BAD for you.



As a SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] - you belong connected to - Virgo - Taurus - Capricorn - Scorpio - Cancer

All the other StarSigns always create problems for you - there will be excellent times for you in 2020

There will be NO outer planets in StarSigns bad for you in 2020

The good news is that 2020 will be a very good year for you thanks to all planets in StarSigns good for you



Events during Sun in Capricorn from 21st December 2019 => 20th January 2020 will be VERY VERY IMPORTANT

Events during Sun in Aquarius from 21st January 2020 => 19th February 2020 will be LIVELY and COMMUNICATIVE

Events during Sun in Pisces from 19th February 2020 => 22nd March 2020 will ensure you arrive at NEW destination



Full Moon on 10th January 2020 - will be fullness of MAXIMUM TRUTH ENERGY for all SunSign Scorpio [Water Sign]

During Dec' 19 & January 2020 - life will ensure - the "past" is over - "worries" - "status" - "instability" of 7 years is ENDED


The power of Jupiter in Capricorn - and - your SunSign Pisces [Water Sign] attracting positive energy - attracting MONEY

The power of Jupiter in Capricorn - LUCKIEST YEAR of your LIFE - attracting MONEY - HAPPINESS - SUCCESS

All the planet in 2020 - are - all on your side - you're about to be a WINNER again - like in 1989-1990-1991 & 1996 & 2008/2009


The END is decided by DESTINY - which - means ACCEPTANCE of all ENDINGS

In December 2019 - and - January 2020 - immediately GET READY for NEW BEGINNINGS



Mars in Scorpio [Water Sign] - 19th November 2019 => 3rd January 2020

Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] - 3rd January 2020 => 16th February 2020

Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - 16th February => 30th March 2020



Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - from - 16th February => 30th March 2020 - will ensure - your destiny brings "it" all to you

Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - will say STOP WASTING TIME on anything that's not profitable or good for you

The most important coincidences will be created by SINCERELY GOOD people

All you have to do - is - FORGET BAD people - IGNORE ANNOYING SELFISH IDIOTS - don't get entangled in "liars"



Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - until => 22nd March 2020

Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign] - 22nd March 2020 => 2nd July 2020

Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn [Earth Sign] - 2nd July => 17th December 2020

Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign] - 17th December 2020 => March 2023



The Astrological configuration is ensuring that components of your life which have been DEAD in the past 7 years are brought back to life. And facets of your life which have been part of your dead-boring routine in the past 7 years will END.

The most important destined events will be ensuring you will have reasons to LOOK-FORWARD to the FUTURE.



Saturn will create a CHANGE of DESTINY - CHANGE of circumstances - CHANGE in relationships

Saturn in Aquarius will completely set-you-free from anyone who is not good for you

Saturn will ensure you attract someone truly 100% right for you - because - they will make you feel ALIVE



The past 7 years have come to an END - and - for some of you - it means a PAINFUL END

You'll be forced to face making a MAJOR decision - because - anything that's wrong has been forced to END

The good news is all bad things are coming to an END too - you're being SET-FREE from nonsense



Lots of changes coming - to put your life - back-on-track - with meaning and purpose

Coincidences and changes will be defined by ....

- depending on your own astrological chart

- depending on how "damaged" you've been in the past

- depending on what you've been doing which isn't right for you

- depending on who you've been connected to - who've lied to you

- depending on who you've been disconnected from - who are actually good for you

- depending on how unstable and wrong your life has been in the past 7 years

All of which will define what needs to happen and what will be happening by 22nd March 2020

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3 Months of - December 2019 - January 2020 - February 2020



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