"2024" - Energetic & Exciting




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Predictions for Scorpio [Water]

"Energy determines Your Future"

This Week's Audio Summary SunSign Scorpio

Short-&-Sweet - Weekly Scorpio


Sun in Leo - July & August 2024

Introduction - Eliminating TOXIC in July/August 2024

Sun & Venus in Leo [Fire] - Mars & Jupiter in Gemini [Air]


Being HONEST during Summer for Your SunSign

"Scorpio RESET" & "Time-to-Be-Honest-with-Yourself"

It might be "PAINFUL" but Happiness is created by Truth



Monday 15th => Monday 22nd July 2024


"Full Moon Week Ahead of Surprises"

"Something Important for Everyone"

"Ignore & Let-Go of Toxic-Nonsense"

Full explanations for all 12 StarSigns @ "This Weeks Astrology"



Duality - Creates - Focus & Determination

1. Sun in Cancer [Water]

2. Saturn & Neptune in Pisces [Water]

3. Mars & Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

Mars conjuncts Uranus - exact - 15th July

4. Full Moon in Capricorn [Earth] - 21st July

5. Jupiter in Gemini [Air]

6. Mars enters Gemini [Air] - 20th July

7. Mars trines Pluto - 21st/22nd July

8. Pluto in Aquarius [Air]

9. Mercury & Venus in Leo [Fire]

10. Sun arrives HOME in Leo [Fire]


* Sun 23° => 29° Cancer [Water]

* Sun arrives HOME Leo [Fire] - 22nd July

* Full Moon 29° Capricorn [Earth] - 21st July

* Moon ScorpioSagittariusCapricornAquarius

* Mercury 18° => 27° Leo [Fire]

* Mercury HOME Virgo [Earth] - 26th July

* Venus 4° => 12° Leo [Fire]

* Mars 26° Taurus => 1° Gemini [Air]

* Mars enters Gemini [Air] - 20th July 2024

* Jupiter 11°09' => 12°32' Gemini [Air]

* Saturn rx 19°14' => 19°02' Pisces [Water]

* Uranus 26°18' => 26°33' Taurus [Earth]

* Neptune rx 29°53' => 29°50' Pisces [Water]

* Pluto rx 1°04' => 0°54' Aquarius [Air]


"Scorpio - Assessment Zone"

Scorpio [Water] StarSign


Scorpio [Water] needs "Sincerity-Peace-Stability-Honesty"

Scorpio [Water] needs "Regular-Routine and to keep-busy"

Scorpio [Water] needs "Problems from the past to be solved"

Scorpio [Water] needs "Life to be constantly moving"

Scorpio [Water] needs "Business $$$ to be constantly moving"


When "it" is STAGNANT & STUCK - you get angry

When "it" is CHANGING & MOVING - you're happy


Jupiter & Mars in Gemini [Air] continue to "CHANGE YOU"

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] - 24th May 2024 => June 2025

Mars in Gemini [Air] - 20th July => 4th September 2024


BUT - BUT - you will need to adapt and change !

BUT - BUT - you will need HELP from OTHERS

BUT - BUT - you will need to LISTEN to OTHERS

BUT - BUT - you will need to WORK WITH OTHERS

BUT - BUT - you will need to be HONEST with yourself


Planets in Taurus [Earth] strengthens TRUTH for Scorpio

Mars in Taurus [Earth] - 9th June => 20th July 2024

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - until => July 2025


Scorpio [Water] works well with Saturn & Neptune in Pisces

Scorpio [Water] understands the need for Saturn's Destiny


Saturn in Pisces [Water] - March 2023 => May 2025

Neptune in Pisces [Water] - 2012 => 2025


Planets in Cancer [Water]

& Sun in Cancer [Water]


Cancer [Water] creates the clear-thinking obvious answers

If you've been waiting for the RIGHT energy and clarity


Changes will be forced to happen with planets in Cancer [Water]

"Even if & Especially if" - you're "RESISTING CHANGES"

"Even if & Especially if" - you've been "LAZY"


Planets in Cancer [Water] will create GOOD LUCK for you

Sun in Cancer [Water] - creating changes for Cancer

Sun in Cancer [Water] - 20th June -> 22nd July 2024

Full Moon in Capricorn [Earth] - 21st July 2024


I should add Mars in Cancer [Water] will be VERY BUSY

You're on the journey to move into a VERY BUSY LIFE


Mars in Cancer [Water] - 4th September => 4th Nov' 2024

Mars in Cancer [Water] - 6th January => 18th April 2025

Mars in Cancer [Water] - includes a retrograde in Cancer



"No Planets in Scorpio"

You "Need" Other People

& "Need" to Adapt & Change


"Truth is Money$$" for Scorpio [Water]

"Business is Truth" for Scorpio [Water]



Destiny's TRUTHS are things that's FOREVER GOOD FOR YOU


Scorpio [Water] needs to LOVE someone/something

Scorpio [Water] needs to BE LOVED by someone


"Business & $$$" - is defined by OTHER people needing you

When no-one needs you - you'll have "NO Business & NO $$$"


If you're SAD & LONELY then URGENT changes are needed

If you're NOT HAPPY - then - URGENT changes need to happen


"WRONG" is "Frustrating-Anger-Annoying-Restlessness"

"WRONG" is anything/anyone who "ANNOYS YOU"


"ANGER" reveals what's "WRONG" with your life

"ANGER" reveals what's "WRONG" with the world




#Secrets of Scorpio [Water]


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"Strong Zodiac Year 2024-2025"

Months Astrological Events

Sun in Cancer [Water] - 20th June => 22nd July 2024

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Sun in Leo [Fire] - 22nd July => 22nd August 2024

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Sun in Virgo [Earth] - 22nd August => 22nd Sept' 2024

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Sun in Libra [Air] - 22nd September => 22nd Oct' 2024

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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"