Unique New Zodiac Year 2023-2024





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New Zodiac Year of Video's

*Energy for the New Zodiac Year*

10 Sample Video's of 10 Categories

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Clip #1 - Moon-Venus-Jupiter in Aries conjunction

1. Sun-Mercury-Jupiter in Aries

"Running towards a brighter future"


Daily Clip - Moon-Venus-Jupiter in Aries conjunctions

"Music is Energy" - Sun-Mercury-Jupiter in Aries

"The illusions of Life" are "hearing & seeing"


Clip #2 - Dates-With-Destiny - Lucky-Places

2. Everyone has a "Place of Maximum-Energy"

"Place" you've lived in that changed your life


Clip #3 - Venus & Jupiter in Aries - defines - Worldwide New Energy

3. Everyone knows "Red-Bull" Energy drink

Worldwide - everyone is feeling the "Energy


Clip #4a - Palmistry [1min]

4a. "Palmistry" - 3 Very Important Lines

Life-Line - Heart-Line - Head-Line


Clip #4b - Palmistry [1min]

4b. "Palmistry" - Heart-Line

"Open" heart-line loves people


Clip #5 - Astrological Charts

5. No planets in 6 StarSigns - except "The Moon"



Clip #6 - Food is the Basic Desire

6. Planets in "Aries & Taurus" in April & May

"Aries & Taurus" are "Your Hearts Natural Desires"

Food - whatever you see - you want "it" in your life

Aims-Goals-Ambitions created in April 2023


Clip #7 - Weekly Parsha Video Clips - [1min]

7. "Hidden Secrets of The Talmud"

"End-Times-Enlightenment" applies to Everyone

This week's 4 Clips @ => "Spiritual Secrets of Noam Elimelech"


Clip #8 - Living in The Moment [1min]

8. "Living in the Moment" - What do you see?

"Food is energy" that helps you "Live-in-the-moment" !

Whatever you're looking at now - defines - "this moment"


Clip #9 - Dates-With-Destiny [1min]

9. All Pure Psychics can't cry about anything

To be a good psychic you can't worry about "life"


Clip #10 - Dates-With-Destiny [1min]

10. Duality of Life - "You are where you Heart is"

"Pisces" defines you are where you dreams are !

"Saturn in Pisces" from March 2023 - "Real-Life"



"Age of Aquarius - Video's"

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New Series of Video's of "Psychic Visions"


Saturn in Pisces - Psychic Healing - Psychic Truth & Clarity

"Pisces" is whatever you believe in because it works for you


If you doesn't work-for-you anymore - you'll stop believing !

When it works miracles for you - you'll believe in it even more !




סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם - בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן



"Hidden Secrets of The Talmud"

This week's "Talmud Spiritual Secrets from Noam Elimelech" with Audios & Video's


Clip #1 - Weekly Parsha Video Clips - [1min]

This Week's Spiritual Secrets - "Recipe for Breakthrough is Believing in Life"

This Week's Spiritual Secrets - "Calmness of Mind" - Searching for "Stability"

4 Video's & 3 Audio's explain this Week's Secrets => "Weekly Secrets of the Talmud" <=



"Archived on YouTube"

All the Very Best Daily Video's are "Archived" on Youtube

Weekly Lessons of the Parsha - Noam Elimelech on - Youtube & Twitter




"Some Video's Archived on YouTube"


1 min Clip - Neptune in Pisces - "Where is GOD?" - "Neptune in 2023"

Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces - Neptune is the illusion of "GOD"

You know GOD exists - because - GOD has answered your prayers a few times !


1 min Clip - Mars in Gemini Trines Saturn in Aquarius - thru' March 2023

Mars in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius - "LOVE" makes you SHARE your life

"Thankfully" the "Sad & Lonely" - refuse - to SHARE their miserable lives with others !



Few "Old" Video's from the "Radio-Show"

Here they are - "click on-orange-links" below ...

I'm just a "beginner" for Video-clips - hope to improve Video - by combining pics and audio's


1. iPhone "Funny-Movie" - on my Birthday in September 2021


2. Yarzeit of Rabbi Elimelech in Lizhensk 22nd Febuary 2022


3. "What-a-Week" Dizzy-Exciting Noam Elimelech - March 2022 !


4. Meeting my old boss in Lancut -[who originally brought me to Poland in 2007]


5. Clip of Elegance of Rzeszow - "Lubomirski Palace"






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