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"One word by the right person can open a thousand doors"


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Explaining the importance of Communication

Activating Your Mercury via whatsapp

Two-Way instant Communication

There are only 3 reasons for the power of Mercury communication :-


[1] Talking negative. Whenever you feel sad, depressed, dead-bored, lazy and have no energy to do anything it is because - no-one is communicating with you - or - people are communicating - but they're moaning and complaining about life.


Communication which should be positive is being negative. To stop this negative and afflicted Mercury - contact me - message me - call me on whatsapp - then you can talk and switch the communication from negative to positive - as you feel the "positive" Mercury vibes from me to you.


Whenever you have NO-ONE contacting you - whenever you feel DEAD - then - message your best friends - or - message me - and - I will message you back. Lets see - how this positively changes your mood. Even message to say - "good morning"!



[2] Talking to Share your life - Mercury communication is to share your experiences of life - especially of things you like - to energize your life even more. The more you talk the more you energize your life.


Mercury defines that when you experience things in real life - you should talk to others about the things that are happening in your life. People who don't talk - people who do "silent" - are not activating their Mercury.


Every parent talks to and encourages their children to talk about "everything" - the secret to Mercury is to talk about "everything you like and everything good that's happening to you" - then your friends and family are sharing your energy.


If you have no one to talk about the "everything" - then - use me - tell me - message me - because the more you talk - the more energy is created to propel you forwards.


When you go for a job interview or a date - and - need words of encouragement from someone who wants good things to happen for you - then message me - and I will immediately give you words of encouragement.



[3] The most important facet is when you read a prediction on this website in advance of it happening - then it happens - then you should energize the fact that something came true.


Mercury defines - your thoughts and words that are spoken to you create actions. Things happen and your words when you contact me - confirm it happened to me - because - it was predicted on the website.


Whenever you read something on the website - it is my Mercury talking to you - to open your mind to expect something to happen. I've used the Astrology to talk to your mind to become "positive-thinking" - but - sometimes nothing happens. When something positive happens and it is in sync with the predictions - then - it means - my Mercury connected your Mercury - and - click - magic happened for you.


Now what you want is to make the "magic" of predictions grow even stronger and even better tell me about it - contact me on WhatsApp - tell me what happened - and - what specifically came true - then I can use Mercury to strengthen your aura with words of Mercury to make other things come true.



Damaged Mercury created Dead-Zone

There is only 1 reason for a Damaged Mercury - you're being ignored by others

No-one is listening to you - and - no-one understands you


The only reason for being in dead-zone is everyone seems to be ignoring you and no-one is reassuring you that everything is going to be alright. You see - as a child - your caring parents never ignored you - and - always reassured you that all would be good.


As an adult you need "someone" who listens to you too - "someone" who won't ignore you - and - "someone" who will reassure you that everything will be alright. I'm here to listen to you - I won't ignore anyone.


Thanks to your kindness of supporting the website in becoming a "Member" - I'm offering myself to support you - listen to you and - help heal your Mercury. Your future is defined by healing your Mercury and being communicated to nicely, softly and with love and respect - that's what I'm here for.


In all your damaged relationships - your "ex's" never listened to you - your "ex's" didn't communicate nicely with you - they argued and destroyed the relationships - your "ex's" became "ex's" because of damaged Mercury communication.


I predict that between January => July 2020 - everyone will be connected and reconnected to people who you need to be connected to - initiated via the power of communication - in the meantime if you're feeling lonely - then message me on WhatsApp and I'll do my best to bring life-energy into your life via the power of Mercury.



Once in a lifetime is Happening in 2020

We're all the Luckiest People in The World

Maximize your fullest potential and get your life back in 2020 via communication



"Don't waste your time on idiots"

Communication equals Success

2020 is a precious year of Success



There's only one year of this unique combination of planets - it's so powerful - it's so precious - it's so important - so - unlike the past 6 years of your life - take everyday with profound importance. Everyday will be powerful to ensure you get SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.


As a human being - your identity is defined by what you say and who you say it to. Communication is essential to your life energy - the more alive you are - the more good people you're communicating with.


Thanks to the internet - this is why there's more life-energy in the world - than ever before in the history of mankind. The aura of the world is "BUZZING" full of communication. Communication is the secret for Success.


There are people you communicate with who offer you no energy - whereas there are people you communicate with - who unlock lots of energy from within you - and - there are people you communicate with - with whom you CO-CREATE energy. When you talk and create laughter in your conversation - you're co-creating energy together - and that's powerful to energize you.


This is why - I've created the instant whatsapp feature - I'm here to unlock your Mercury - so send me a message and I'll reply. Let yourself feel how you feel when you get a message. What does it do for you ? That's powerful energy for you to use.


When communication is one-way - that's not communication. When communication is negative - that's not communication. The purpose is TWO-WAY energy - and - Mercury means instantaneous - immediate.


Whenever someone doesn't listen to you - whenever someone doesn't respect you - whenever someone bad for you takes energy from you - they take it from your communication, and whenever you're blocked - it's because you're not positively communicating with GOOD people who unlock and give you energy.


Hence, emails etc - when people ignore you - and - take time to reply - means - problematic communication - and - lack of life-energy. Instant messages - means - activation of your Mercury - the planet closest to the Sun.


2019 is an important year of success and to get it right - but to do so - you'll have to disconnected from wasting your time with some people and instead focus on being connected to other people - people who make you feel ALIVE.


At the beginning of new relationships when someone you like is contacting you - it's exciting - it's awakened your Mercury - and - that's why you become lucky because your aura filled full of incoming communication of someone who likes you - someone who wants you - someone who is thinking of you - someone who is not ignoring you.


Job interviews - business meetings - sales - and - relationships are all defined by how much your Mercury is BUZZING. The more it's buzzing the more alive your aura is - the luckier you will be - the more successful you will be in 2020 - so begin - make the effort - and - you'll see SUCCESS. All you have to do is AVOID anyone who uses communication to moan and complain.





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