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My Friends & Their Magic

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Thanks to Carissa - for - "2020"

Carissa of Washington DC USA

Thanks to the Kindness of Carissa - website's all paid for - for "2020"

Thanks to Carissa's exceptional kindness - there won't be any subscription for 2020


My Friends & Their Magic

Thankfully - I know a lot of talented and gifted people via this website

All trustworthy readers that I know - I will gladly list your website links

Listed Alphabetically - everyone is important to me !




Inspired-by-Finn - Amber Jewellery

A trustworthy and good reader from Scottsdale Arizona trades in

Baltic Amber with healing qualities & Lapis Lazuli for concentration

"Inspired-by-Finn Website Store"


Julie - Artist-Animator in USA

A Brilliant and Talented Graphic Animation Artist


www.instagram.com/artistherron/?hl=en | www.instagram.com/under_the_dreaming_sun/
www.instagram.com/belle_fleur_huron/ | www.instagram.com/acatnamed_dragon/

Her animation/videos on Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/maskedfragment

And finally her portfolio website: artistherron.myportfolio.com


Jenny - Artist-Painter in Australia

A Talented Artist - who has exhibitions in Australia

Jenny's Website @ www.512nocturnes.com


Janise - Photographer from Arizona

Janise from Sedona Arizona Website @ www.photographybyjanise.com/


Mary-Kate in UK !

"Mary-Kate-Fallon" @ www.marykatemedicine.com

Contact Mary-Kate on WhatsApp UK +44 7870 587431

for your free discovery Session with her too !


Tamara Al Gabbani - Fashion Designer

Tamara Al Gabbani - Fashion Designer and Personality in Dubai UAE

Without her love and help in Summer of 2012 - this astrology website wouldn't exist !

Check her out @ www.iamtamara.com & www.facebook.com/TamaraAlGabbani

And with over 200,000 followers @ www.instagram.com/TamaraAlGabbani/







"Matchmaking & Introductions"

Readers looking for Connections

I'm lucky to know many people - and - I'm ready to make introductions

If you're interested in being "connected" to like-minded readers

Contact me via WhatsApp - and - I will see who is suitable for you



Audios for "Part 3 - of - Zodiac Year 2019 for Sept-Oct-Nov"

Explaining the changes for the 3 months - 1st September => 1st December 2019



Weekly and Yearly Predictions for all 12 star signs with audio

Daily Moon Astrology | Audio | Weekly Astrology | Monthly Astrology | Year Ahead 2019

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