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The reason why many people follow "astrology" is because it creates a logical reason why illogical and inexplicable things happen. When your life-falls-apart - when suddenly things end that you expected to continue - when you become awakened to realize that the relationships and life that you have isn't working-out good for you - is when you instinctively search to find the answers.


Astrology will help you understand yourself. Astrology will help you comprehend that since January 2019 - and - until December 2019 - everyone of every StarSign will be undergoing - MAJOR - once-in-a-lifetime changes - to awaken your Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - and - implement the meaning of - Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn.


The changes will be defined by TRUTH - whatever is truthfully right for you - will be unlocked to happen - and - whatever is truthfully WRONG for you - will vanish from your life.


Whenever SUDDEN SHOCKS and UNEXPECTED CHANGES happen - many people go "out-of-their-minds" - because - it's always quite overwhelming - that's why you've searched the internet for answers to "why" things have gone crazy !


During 30 mins free reading - I will explain what specific changes are going on in your life - to reassure you - that - you've not gone crazy - explaining that the changes are destined destiny implementing it's plan. Then I will give you clarity about your true individuality and personaility - then reassure you that "everything is going to be alright".



Two Sets of Readers

There are 2 sets of readers who will need a reading


[1] Readers who've been afflicted, blocked, damaged and haven't had a "life" in the past 6 years - because a component of your life has been in "dead-zone". From now and until August 2019 - you will be coming-back to life - and - therefore you've got choices to make.


Either going-back to the life you had prior to 2012 - or - starting something new - working with your true self being the best version of yourself to pursue success and happiness. You should be feeling excited, restless and anxious - because - you're seeing positive changes happening to you - but might be unsure of the right way forwards. Contact me and we can discuss your dilemma !




[2] Readers whose life was relatively perfect and stable - until either March/April/May 2019, December 2018 or May 2018 - as everything was good and running smoothly in the past 6 years since 2012 - but - suddenly - you've seen it all falling-apart.


The sudden and abrupt changes are making you dizzy and confused. Astrology defines that Uranus in Taurus - means - you've ended a phase of your life - it's been taken-away - in order for a new phase to begin.


Everyone in the world has either been through this dizziness or will be going through it - don't worry - "it" will sort itself out - but to get through it - you need to recognize what component is being eliminated from your life - and - why. Hence - you might need to speak to me - Contact me and we can discuss your dilemma !



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Free Readings - The Reason Why !

I like speaking to people - I like helping people - the power of Mercury-Connectivity


Thanks to some very kind readers who've made a generous donation - because they've got through their dilemma - because they've had a breakthrough - because they've got their lives back on track - with - success and happiness - they've said "thank you".


I've decided to use their kindness to help more people. I realize the truth that many people who need "help" and "advice" cannot afford to pay. I'm here to help you for free. I've always been idealistic - and - helping other people to understand "Astrology" - is what I love doing. Astrology always says - never give up hope - there's always an answer.



There's one thing I'm good at - and - that is CONNECTIVITY - power of Mercury connectivity. I've got a gift to create, unlock and unblock a flow of communication energies - to help you get connected to all the people you should be connected to.


CONNECTIONS is what success in life is all about. CONNECTIONS to the right people is your destined destiny - and CONNECTIONS creates good luck, success and happiness - and - this is the reason why I can help you.


You'll sense from me - as you speak to me - a vibrancy - a desire to be CONNECTED to all the people in your life - even getting you connected to people you don't even know yet - so let us begin - call me - and - see what I can do for you !




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