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The reason why many people follow "astrology" is because it creates a logical reason why illogical and inexplicable things happen. When your life-falls-apart - when suddenly things end that you expected to continue - when you become awakened to realize that the relationships and life that you have isn't working-out good for you - is when you instinctively search to find the answers.


Astrology will help you understand yourself. Astrology will help you comprehend that - from December 2019 - everyone of every StarSign will be undergoing - MAJOR - once-in-a-lifetime changes - to change your life - your Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - and - implement the meaning of - Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn.


The changes will be defined by TRUTH - whatever is truthfully right for you - will be unlocked to happen - and - whatever is truthfully WRONG for you - will vanish from your life.


Whenever SUDDEN SHOCKS and UNEXPECTED CHANGES happen - many people go "out-of-their-minds" - because - it's always quite overwhelming - that's why you've searched the internet for answers to "why" things have gone crazy !


During 10 mins free reading - I will explain what specific changes are going on in your life - to reassure you - that - you've not gone crazy - explaining that the changes are destined destiny implementing it's plan. Then I will give you clarity about your true individuality and personaility - then reassure you that "everything is going to be alright".



Two Sets of Readers

There are 2 sets of readers who will need a reading


[1] Getting your "Life" back-on-track

Since 2012 - everyone of every StarSign has had one area of life - "dead"

From now onwards - that - area will be coming back-to-life


[1] Many of you - in fact everyone has been - who've been afflicted, blocked, damaged and haven't had a "life" in the past 6 years - because a component of your life has been in "dead-zone". From onwards - everyone - you me and everyone you know will be coming-back to life - and - therefore you've got choices to make.


Either going-back to the life you had prior to 2012 - or - starting something totally new - something that you should have done - but life made your life go "on-hold". The 4 months of - December 2019 - January 2020 - February 2020 - March 2020 - means that now you're ready to get back to normal.


Working with your true self - becoming the best version of yourself to pursue success and happiness. You should be feeling excited, restless and anxious - because - you're seeing positive changes happening to you - but might be unsure of the right way forwards. Contact me and we can discuss your dilemma !



[2] "Life of Lies" are falling-apart

Since December 2019 - which actually began in July 2019 - "something" is falling -apart

Things will continue to fall-apart in January 2020 - February 2020 - March 2020


Until you realize what destiny is telling you to do - and - then doing "it"

When you realize what "it" is - then - your life will be fixed and repaired


[2] Readers whose life was relatively perfect and stable - until December 2018 - July 2019 - December 2019 - as everything was good and running smoothly in the past 6 years since 2012 - but - suddenly - you've seen "it" - currently seeing "it" all falling-apart.


The sudden and abrupt changes are making you dizzy and confused. Astrology defines that Uranus in Taurus - means - you've ended a phase of your life - it's been taken-away - in order for a new phase to begin.


Everyone in the world has either been through this dizziness or will be going through it - don't worry - "it" will sort itself out - but to get through it - you need to recognize what component is being eliminated from your life - and - why. Hence - you might need to speak to me - Contact me and we can discuss your dilemma !


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