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The Spiritual Secrets of the Lights of the Universe

JW's "Books-of-Secrets" - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

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שיעור פרשת השבוע

This Week's Spiritual Lessons

The Week ahead - The Sabbath - שיעור פרשת השבוע

Audio's for 16th April => 23rd April 2021

This Week's Lesson - [Part 1 - 10mins] - Saturday 17th April - Parshas Tazria-Metzora

This Week's Lesson - [Part 2 - 12mins] - Saturday 17th April - Parshas Tazria-Metzora


This Week's Sabbath contains a DOUBLE PARSHA - 2 Parsha's are read

The reason is that the synchronicity of TIMING means lessons need to be learnt


Tazria & Metzora need to be read PRIOR to the Sun in Taurus to prepare us.

Tazria & Metzora - both teach mysterious and mis-understood aspects of Torah



[1] "Tazria" - awakens us to understand SOME THINGS in life are illogical

"Tazria" - awakens us to ACCEPT that life is illogical


Unusually and strangely - it begins with a verse that says

"When a woman gives birth to a boy" ......


The statement is regarded as a fact which is a "SHOCK and SURPRISE"

The reason is that in logic of nature - fruit trees reproduce to be their own kind


Hence awakening means looking at life with OPEN EYES

Shouldn't it be logical WOMEN GIVE BIRTH TO FEMALES ?


But because men don't give birth - women have to give birth to male and females

Even so - LOGIC defines women should only give birth to females


Animal and humans - have females which reproduce into both "males" and "females"

That's because - EVERY human needs the Feminine energy of "love" and "compassion" to exist


Without a compassionate feminine "love" energy - all of animal and human existence would "end" and "die"

The Parsha is teaching that to prevent the destruction of humanity - we need feminine "love"

This week and the next 4 weeks - the Sun in Taurus defines COMPASSION and LOVE


When children are pushed, bullied and forced to do something - they hate it

When children are loved, understood and do things they love doing - they love it


When children have rotten parents - who damage - who judge - who are strict - they hate them

When children have loving parents - who understand them - who bring out the best in them - they love them


Everyone who is HORRIBLE to you - you hate them

Everyone who is KIND & NICE to you - you love them


When you HATE life - life hates you back

When you LOVE life - life loves you back


When you look at everyone in the world - and - everyone in your life - with love and compassion

then your outlook on life is full of COMPASSION and LOVE - leading to more "enjoyable life"


If you look at everyone in the world - and - everyone in your life - with hatred and intolerance

then your outlook on life is full of ANGER and HATRED - leading to misery and "death"


This week is asking everyone to be COMPASSIONATE & LOVING if want a LIFE TO BE SUCCESSFUL

This week is asking everyone to be KIND-HEARTED & LOVING if want a LIFE TO BE GOOD


All you have to do is LOVE life - and - life loves you back

All you have to do is LOVE GOOD PEOPLE in your life - and - life will love you back




[2] Metzora explains that .....


The power of DESTRUCTION in "Speech" and "words"

People can ruin opportunities by WRONG WORDS

People can destroy their own lives and destroy relationships by WRONG WORDS


Many destined relationships and marriages fall-apart because of DESTRUCTIVE WORDS

Many organizations, companies - even syngogues and churches fall-apart because of DESTRUCTIVE WORDS


When you had DESTRUCTIVE & CRITICAL parents - you disobeyed them

When you had DESTRUCTIVE & CRITICAL teacher - you disobeyed them

When you had DESTRUCTIVE & CRITICAL relationships - you disobeyed them


Instinctively - you STOP LISTENING to DESTRUCTIVE & CRITICAL people

Instinctively - you ALWAYS LISTEN to CONSTRUCTIVE & LOVING people









[2a] Metzora explains that ....


Understanding that Masculine energies naturally makes MISTAKES

Understanding that Feminine energies naturally corrects the mistakes


Except the Feminine energies - don't "fix" the mistakes by battling with the "mistake"

Feminine energies - simply IGNORE then Masculine energies - and - ACTS with LOVE


If you compare a masculine mistake to darkness - then feminine energy is LIGHT

The LIGHT emits energy - and - automatically the darkness vanishes


When people are WORRIED and ANXIOUS - they are emitting DARKNESS

When you IGNORE the DARKNESS - and - emit LIGHT & LOVE - then darkness vanishes.


For examples


When someone nasty has been horrible to you - then you find someone loving

then the someone NEW and loving ensures you forget about the nasty person...


When you've been worried about "money" - and - "money" comes in

you completely forget about how worried you've been ....


The key to success is to IGNORE the darkness and think about the light

Think of all the GOOD people in your life who created LIGHT and HAPPINESS

then automatically you can't even think of the nasty and horrible people anymore

Feminine energies for the next 4 weeks - life wants you to IGNORE all the darkness


The key to knowing Feminine energies are CREATIVITY

The key to knowing Masculine energies is defined by DESTRUCTION


Everyone who creates and loves life has positive Feminine energy

Everyone who destroys and hates life has negative Masculine energy


The power of the next 4 weeks is with the positive Feminine

There is no power for negative Masculine destruction on the next 4 weeks




[3] Understanding that Feminine energies - means - never WASTING energy

The true feminine energies - never naturally does anything which is a WASTE of time

For example - women / feminine orientated people - never gamble or waste money


In a masculine world - men get BORED because they can't do things

In a feminine world - women always find something meaningful to do

Women love to create - love to cook - love to do things at "home"


Masculine Men - go hunting for something to do

Feminine women - live with happiness and attract things to happen


When you're happy with the life you've got - then you're living well

When you're unhappy with the life you've got - then you're "sick" and "ill"


When you're happy with the life you've got - then you're able to do something MORE

When you're unhappy with the life you've got - then you're unable to do anything


Happiness with life - creates - MORE energy to do something MORE with gift of life

Unhappiness is blocking the ability for "some" people to do anything - makes people LAZY


The transformation from unhappiness to happiness is happening now

The breaking-point to "CHANGE" people will come by the Full Moon on 27th April


Unfortunately - "some" people can't change - hence - their lives will fall-apart by 27th April

Success is defined by CHANGING to be becoming more compassionate and loving.





The Weekend - The Sabbath - שיעור פרשת השבוע

How energetic your weekend is - defines - the energy of your next week ahead ....


There is great importance defined by the Sabbath-Weekend energies. Each weekend you've got freewill choice - what you do - what you think - and - how you get energized by the weekend. Either you can do something positive - or - waste-away and do nothing.


The weekend - Saturday and Sunday - should be an oasis of happiness amidst a busy turbulent week - and - therefore an opportunity for you to "recharge" your energies. A truly good weekend is defined by a BUZZ of positive experiences, full of excitement and happiness that makes the weekend an unforgettable positive experience - which - energizes your life for the following week.


When you have a bad weekend - it takes a few days back-at-work on Monday and Tuesday to get-over the weekend. Conversely when you've had a good weekend - the energy propels you forwards for Monday and Tuesday too.


The spiritual lessons of each Sabbath-Weekend defines specific energies that you should tap-into in order to know what energy is available for the week-ahead. The expression - "It's useless looking for a cheesecake at a butchers-shop" - or - "looking for a ham-sandwich at a BarMitzvah" - means - at specific weeks of the year - only specific things are available.


When you know what's available this week - then - you can go-get "it". When you know exactly what's on offer - then you won't waste your energy or time on looking for something that's not available.


Every Sabbath - Each Week of the Year

The Sabbath - שיעור פרשת השבוע


Every Saturday morning - a "parsha" of the Torah is read - the same "parsha" in every synagogue in the world. The tradition defines that the energy and lessons of the week are contained in the "portion - parsha" of the week.


The Noam Elimelech explains the spiritual lessons as he prophetically understood. He doesn't explain everything - instead - he focus's on the spiritual lessons that he felt most important to our generation.


The energy of the week is indeed in sync with the Stars in the Sky above - the astrological transcending energies that are present each week as we go through the cycle of the reading the Torah - the Earth goes through it's annual cyclical journey orbiting the Sun.


The Jewish New Year is defined by the New Moon in Libra during Sun in Libra in September/October - that's because - Sun in Libra - defines - Earth as viewed from the Sun is in Aries - the 1st StarSign of the Zodiac - the opposite of StarSign of Libra.


Astrologically Sun in Libra - is the beginning of the Jewish New Year - the reading of Genesis begins just after the Full Moon in Aries & Sun in Libra - 2 weeks after the Jewish New Year.



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This is the Destined Time of Spiritual Enlightenment

המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness, and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever" - דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment.


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