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שיעור פרשת השבוע

This Week's Spiritual Lessons

The Week ahead - The Sabbath - שיעור פרשת השבוע

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This Week's Lesson - [Part 1 - 12mins] - Saturday 12th June - Parshas Korach

This Week's Lesson - [Part 2 - 11mins] - Saturday 12th June - Parshas Korach


Bamidbar - 4th Book of Moses - Choices

Parsha Korach - Power of "Arguments"


Parsha Korach named after an Argumentative Villain is a "WARNING"

Parsha Korach is "WARNING" to KEEP-AWAY from Argumentative people






[1] The 4th Book of Moses - Bamidbar is teaching FREEWILL choices

FREEWILL choices that are GOOD choices and BAD choices


FREEWILL choices that are GOOD FOR YOU and BAD FOR YOU choices

FREEWILL choices that are GOOD FOREVER and BAD FOREVER choices


There are FREEWILL choices that affect you FOREVERFOREVER

There are FREEWILL choices that you make - that you can not never ever change


Hence - the BIG WARNING this week - is to be careful about your FREEWILL choices



[2] This Week's Parsha is Korach - 5th Parsha in the 4th Book of Moses [Chapter 16-17-18]

The theme for the next 4 weeks - is "FREEWILL CHOICES" - this week begins "undoing mistakes"


When you understand that everyone in the world - [#me too] - NEEDS TO MAKE MISTAKES

You learn the most from your MISTAKES - because - in hindsight you realize the MISTAKES clearly


When you see something BAD and WRONG for you - "it" is guiding you to ensure you get "life" right

"Life" wants you to be successful - but - the pathway of success is defined by making BAD MISTAKES


When you REFLECT back on all the BAD MISTAKES you've made - it makes you feel embarrassed

Because - you know that's a "bad" immature version of yourself - having made that BAD MISTAKE


When you see anyone in the world making MISTAKES - you should understand that's a "bad" version of them

And in the same way you FORGIVE yourself - you should be FORGIVING them too


"Korach" was a villain who made a BAD MISTAKE

And the Torah names a "parsha" after his name - to remind us NOT TO MAKE MISTAKES


All of us have the power to be "villains" or "good-people" - it's our FREEWILL CHOICE

All of us have the power to be "hateful" or "loveable" - it's our FREEWILL CHOICE


We've all done things in life - which - define - TWO versions of ourselves - good and bad

We've all see other people doing things - that - define TWO versions of other people - good and bad


This week is all about FREEWILL CHOICE to be the GOOD version of yourself - be loving and be loveable

More importantly - this week is about ACCEPTING everyone in the world - both - the good and the bad


When your children do something "naughty" and "bad" - you still love them - in the hope they'll stop

When you see people doing something "naughty" and "bad" - the Divine still loves them - in the hope they'll stop


When you act with sympathy, love and understanding for "everyone" - then your tolerance is "Divine"

When you want to become enlightened - you need to have more Divine understanding and tolerance for humanity




[3] The Downfall of the villain "Korach" - was - the fact that he wanted to be someone else


Korach wanted to be "Moses" - Korach wasn't happy being "Korach"

And this the most important spiritual secret of this week's Parsha - being HAPPY to be "You"


Whenever you're UNHAPPY with your life - it's because - you're UNHAPPY being "you"

Whenever you're feeling like a LOSER - SAD & MISERABLE - it's because - you're UNHAPPY being "you"


Therefore the "FIX" and "ANSWER" - you need is actually WITHIN YOU - to do "it" yourself

Instead of running-after nonsense - or - running-away from yourself - the answer is to LOVE BEING "YOURSELF"


All you have to do is appreciate - being YOURSELF - appreciate your own life

Appreciate all the people you've attracted into your life - appreciate all the goodness you've had


Naturally - you want MORE to come into your life - but - MORE can only come-in - if you're being YOURSELF.


Let's say - you run-away and disconnect from the internet - then - no-one can find you

The same - when you HATE being yourself - your magnetism vanishes - and - no-one can find you - everyone ignores you


When you LOVE being yourself - your magnetism returns - and - everyone wants you - everyone wants to be connected to you

Korach hated being "Korach" - "Korach" wanted to be Moses - the end result is Korach dies


When you hate being yourself - your life--energy vanishes - and - makes you feel "dead" inside

Therefore - the answer is to appreciate the gift of being "YOU" - your life-energy comes-back - your magnetism returns




[4] What you value the most defines "YOU"

When you go-outside to grocery store - you'll take you wallet/purse, your keys & Phone

Without which - you feel - you've left something behind

Everyone has a few minumum things you must have on you all the time


The same spiritually - everyone needs "SOMETHING" spiritual for emergencies

Unfortunately - that "SOMETHING" is only called-upon in emergencies



You know that YOUR GOD is there - but - you only really tap-into it for emergencies

When you're suffering the maximum pain - panicky, anxious - even - life-threathening

with an unbearable feeling that your life is ENDED - then you call "GOD" for the emergency


YOUR GOD is not million miles away - YOUR GOD is close to you - YOUR GOD is listening to you

Even when you whisper your prayers at night - when you cry your eyes - and - when you panic and are lost


YOUR GOD then enlivenes you - from WITHIN you - making you feel - everything is going to be alright

Now - I should say - that depending on how lost you are - how blocked you are - how atheistic you've been

will define - how much of an effort you have to put into your thoughts to get YOUR GOD to listen to you

But - eventually - YOUR GOD is there to listen to you, and that's when you'll feel "GOD" from WITHIN you


Korach made the mistake - and - thought GOD was only accessible to the important leaders

Korach wanted to be a leader to have access to GOD

Korach didn't realize that GOD with WITHIN everyone




[5] Parsha Korach - teaches - to be honest with yourself


When someone teaches about "relationships" - but avoids all relationships - that's hypocrisy

When someone teaches about "being successful" - but is a failure - that's hypocrisy

When someone teaches about "loving-all-human-being" - but hates people - that's hypocrisy


The purpose of all "religions" - is to - become enlightened - to become "Divine"

The essence of "Divine" is to accept everyone - to love everyone - because the "Divine" created EVERYONE


When someone in China or someone in USA calls out to GOD for HELP - it's the one-and-same DIVINE GOD

When anyone in the world calls out to GOD for HELP - it's the one-and-same DIVINE GOD


Whoever you are - and - wherever you are in the world - you've got a spiritual soul inside you

That SOUL is your life-energy - that SOUL is your connection to the DIVINE creator


Even if you don't believe in GOD - the Divine creator still sustains your life - and - created your SOUL

That's why in "EMERGENCIES" - you can break-down and cry - and - your prayers will be answered


Hence - the BIGGEST MISTAKE we all make is forgetting that DIVINE energy is WITHIN everyone




[6] Unity is Divine - Unity is Peace - Unity is Love - Unity is Life-Energy

Wherever there is "conflict" - wherever there is "no-unity" - means - there's "death" and "misery"


When you're with your lover - your wife/husband - boyfriend/girlfriend - Unity is a GOOD SIGN of TRUTH

When you're having SEX with your lover - your wife/husband - boyfriend/girlfriend - you're never distracted


When you're totally 100% in LOVE - with your lover - your wife/husband - boyfriend/girlfriend - you're never distracted

It is a SIGN of respect - it is SIGN of LOVE - it is a SIGN of Dedication and Devotion - that you're not distracted


When you're with "someone" and they're distracted by other things - or - their phone - there's a problem

Distractions means there's NO "Unity" - distractions means your mind is in different place to you

Distractions are destructive to "Unity"


Therefore - if you want "unity" and "wholesomeness" in your life - you have to avoid all distractions

UNITY is the only way to SUCCESS - to PEACE - to LOVE - to LIFE-energy


Let me give an example - when people are in Synagogue/Church and messaging on their phones

They are disrespecting "GOD" - they're showing the TRUTH that "GOD" is not important to them

If you're on a date with your new lover - and - you're messaging your ex's - the TRUTH is you don't respect the new person


Unity is Divine - Unity is Peace - Unity is Love - Unity is Life-Energy

The more dedicated you are - the more UNITY in your life

The more UNITY in all areas of your life - the more successful you'll become


Unity defines you are being "YOU"

Unity defines you're happy being "YOU"

Unity defines your magnetism is concentrated on being "YOU"

Unity defines - no more distractions !

Unity defines - being totally CONNECTED to everyone and everything that is truly "YOUR DESTINY"




The Weekend - The Sabbath - שיעור פרשת השבוע

How energetic your weekend is - defines - the energy of your next week ahead ....


There is great importance defined by the Sabbath-Weekend energies. Each weekend you've got freewill choice - what you do - what you think - and - how you get energized by the weekend. Either you can do something positive - or - waste-away and do nothing.


The weekend - Saturday and Sunday - should be an oasis of happiness amidst a busy turbulent week - and - therefore an opportunity for you to "recharge" your energies. A truly good weekend is defined by a BUZZ of positive experiences, full of excitement and happiness that makes the weekend an unforgettable positive experience - which - energizes your life for the following week.


When you have a bad weekend - it takes a few days back-at-work on Monday and Tuesday to get-over the weekend. Conversely when you've had a good weekend - the energy propels you forwards for Monday and Tuesday too.


The spiritual lessons of each Sabbath-Weekend defines specific energies that you should tap-into in order to know what energy is available for the week-ahead. The expression - "It's useless looking for a cheesecake at a butchers-shop" - or - "looking for a ham-sandwich at a BarMitzvah" - means - at specific weeks of the year - only specific things are available.


When you know what's available this week - then - you can go-get "it". When you know exactly what's on offer - then you won't waste your energy or time on looking for something that's not available.


Every Sabbath - Each Week of the Year

The Sabbath - שיעור פרשת השבוע


Every Saturday morning - a "parsha" of the Torah is read - the same "parsha" in every synagogue in the world. The tradition defines that the energy and lessons of the week are contained in the "portion - parsha" of the week.


The Noam Elimelech explains the spiritual lessons as he prophetically understood. He doesn't explain everything - instead - he focus's on the spiritual lessons that he felt most important to our generation.


The energy of the week is indeed in sync with the Stars in the Sky above - the astrological transcending energies that are present each week as we go through the cycle of the reading the Torah - the Earth goes through it's annual cyclical journey orbiting the Sun.


The Jewish New Year is defined by the New Moon in Libra during Sun in Libra in September/October - that's because - Sun in Libra - defines - Earth as viewed from the Sun is in Aries - the 1st StarSign of the Zodiac - the opposite of StarSign of Libra.


Astrologically Sun in Libra - is the beginning of the Jewish New Year - the reading of Genesis begins just after the Full Moon in Aries & Sun in Libra - 2 weeks after the Jewish New Year.



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This is the Destined Time of Spiritual Enlightenment

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"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness, and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever" - דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment.


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