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The Spiritual Secrets of the Lights of the Universe - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

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The Book of Secrets ספר סודי סודות

Kabbala & Chassidus for Everyone

"The Magic of Kabbala and Chassidus"

The Karmic "Gift of the Internet" is making wisdom available to everyone everywhere


[18mins Audio #1] - Explanation of "Kabbala & Chassidus Part 1"

[18mins Audio #2] - Explanation of "Kabbala & Chassidus Part 2"


Introducing you to "Kabbala & Chassidus" is easy - unlike other websites that makes it all sound mysterious and magical - the Noam Elimelech defines it's simplicity - it's all about - "BELIEVING IN INFINITY".


You see, when you only believe in things that exist in physical form - automatically - your mind is restricting itself. 100 years ago - even 20 years ago prior to the revolution of internet communications - you could only speak to and listen to people who are in your real life.


As Radio - TV - Telephone - and - then internet proved - that you can listen to and communicate with someone FAR-AWAY from you. Do you remember in 1970's when calling and receiving long-distance calls - the line was faint and hard-to-hear? Now speaking to someone on the other side of the world is as easy as speaking to someone next to you.



"Ein Sof" - is - "Unlimited" - Infinity

"Unlimited" - Meaning of Infinity

The Karmic "Gift of the Internet" is making wisdom available to everyone everywhere


Let's begin with a few basic questions and answers ....


[1] Can you define "Infinity"?

Answer - NO you can't - it's impossible to define the impossible - same with "DIVINE CREATOR" of the Universe - the "EIN SOF" means "INFINITY - which by definition - means - you can't define it. Using your limited mind to define something of infinite magnitude is like using a "spoon" to move 1000's of tons of Earth - you can't do it - it will take infinity to do it.


[2] What's the largest thing you've seen with your own eyes?

Answer - The planets - Sun or Jupiter would be obvious answers - but - the truth is every Star in the sky is millions of times bigger than our Solar system - so - a Star is the largest thing you can see - and - yet the paradox of life is that it appears to be the smallest thing in the sky. "What appears to be BIG isn't always BIG - and - what appears to be SMALL isn't always SMALL" !


[3] What's the biggest thing in your life?

Answer - Your home, your automobile, your furniture - all physical objects - your job, your career, your bank account - your health - your physical body - and - everything EARTHLY and PHYSICAL that is yours - all of which has limitations of what it can do for you - and - the attachment to limited physical facets always creates the "BIG PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE". When earthly existence causes problems - it's always a BIG problem.


[4] What gives you the most energy in your life ?

Answer - your love and emotions - your thoughts and inspiration - your happiness and excitement. Everything INVISIBLE that you can't see with your eyes - everything EMOTIONAL - everything WITHIN YOU - something and someone specific that unlocks your mind, thoughts and soul to think outside the logical and restricted limited world - to make you THINK BIG and BELIEVE IN BIG.


"Kabbala & Chassidus" in Judaism defines a COHESION between Earthly existence and your Spiritual Soul which is part of the infinite infinity. Bringing cohesion between the limitations of TZIMTZUM - the restricted and confined earthly existence - AND - EIN SOF - the unlimited infinity of all existence is the essence of "Kabbala & Chassidus".


The journey of expanding your mind and soul out of the Earthly worries and EarthBound existence into an INFINITE world of energy began the day you were born - when you brought happiness to your parents - when you were the source of love for them - and - they become your source of love in the world.


As you grew-up you learnt to grow - because - of your love for life - love for the people in your life - love for everything that you loved in your life. Restrictions, blockages and depression come because of your mind is refusing to love life - and - refusing to love other people in your life.



Everything Physical has Earthly Limitations

Everything Invisible is Unlimited

The 1st definition of the "invisible which is an unlimited energy in your life - is - Love"

Why is it when you love someone - your love makes things happen for you ?


Kabbala and Chassidus - defines - the SECRET to become awakened is to "LOVE". Love creates happiness - and - it doesn't matter whatever "it" is that makes you "LOVE" - it could be "food" - it could be "music" - it could be "money" and "success" - but the key is to LOVE IT - fill your mind full of thoughts of whatever "It" is that LOVE - and - LOVE "IT" with all your heart.


When Chassidus began in 18th/19th Century Galicia Poland - it encouraged - MUSIC and LAUGHTER - even - MEALS and EATING have importance - as the Chassidic Rabbis taught - that you can't do anything great with your life - you can't be successful - if you're depressed and sad.


Depression is an limitation belief - desperation is because people make the mistake that something "small" and "limited" to be their everything of life. Whereas - Optimism defines an infinite belief in life - Optimism defines something invisible you can't see and yet optimism is what you need to become awakened and successful - because when something truly BIG and infinite becomes your everything - when you believe in a brighter future - then you'll see how ALIVE you'll become.


The only way to grow and become successful and enlightened - is - when your mind and thoughts are thinking of maximum positive energy. It was predicted that at the "End of Time" - everyone's desires, passions, wants and even greed too will be greatest - for example - lustful pornography on the internet has a purpose - to make people want MORE love - to want MORE from life - to desire MORE than what they have - to make people WANT LOVE.


The more you WANT to LIVE LIFE - the more you LOVE LIFE - the more you're connecting with "INFINITY of EIN SOF". Wanting and desiring from your heart - defines - that your awakened soul wants to be CONNECTED to the Source of MORE energy - to be connected to the "DIVINE CREATOR OF ALL".


The spiritually enlightened person knows that life is a journey gifted by the Divine Creator of Life - you were born into life - coming from the Divine and eventually we'll all return "home" to the Divine is the essence of our karmic journey. The prophetic age of spiritual enlightenment is that we return "home" - connected to the Divine from within - even whilst living life on Earth.



"Ein Sof" - is - "Unlimited" - Infinity

"Unlimited" - Meaning of Infinity

Believing in Infinity - Believing in "unlimited"

"The Magic of Kabbala and Chassidus"

The Gift of the Internet is making wisdom available to everyone everywhere


[16mins Audio #1] - Explanation of "Believing in Unlimited - Part 1"

[18mins Audio #2] - Explanation of "Believing in Unlimited - Part 2"

[16mins Audio #3] - Explanation of "Ein-Sof" - "Kabbala & Chassidus"



Unlike any other religion - Judaism has suffered persecution - defined by the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem - especially the destruction of the 2nd Temple by the Roman Empire in 70 AD - this began a period of almost 2000 years of being "homeless".


Living in "foreign" countries - defined - "GOLUS" - exile. This was predicted and explained in Kabbalistic Books. To the extent that even "pain" and "persecution" whilst it was seen as destined and Divine - it was actually EMBRACED with glee, joy and happiness - especially by the beginning of the Chassidic movement of the 18th Century in Galicia Poland - by the Baal Shem Tov - followed by his many followers and disciples - such as Baal HaTanya of Chabad/Lubavitch - Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk [the author of Noam Elimelech] - and Maggid of Mezritch.


The Jewish belief system defines that "in-the-end" it will be alright - "ANI MA'AMIN - I BELIEVE" - Jewish people will always be BELIEVERS in a future - as - Judaism - knows there's a Divine BIG picture. Judaism never gives-up hope - even when it's really "dark".


The reason for "never-giving-up-hope" - is that - all the prophetic Kabbalistic and Chassidic books - define the fact of life - that - there will always be DARKNESS prior to the LIGHT. Hence, knowing that we're experiencing a painful dark phase - means - that there's a bright, light and happy phase coming soon.


When a woman in pregnancy feels the aches and pains - it's all part of the journey of joy to child-birth. Each bright phase of life for humanity is always defined by feeling the "pains" - the key is to keep-cool and hold-onto to faith - because - "in the end it will be alright".


I should add - that some people have a belief system that "in the end it will not be alright" - and - they believe that to be true. You could say like an Pilot flying through turbulence - informing passengers - "it" will be alright - and - some very nervous negative-thinking passengers are panicking believing it's the "end" for them. When the plane lands - then - they're belief is proven to have been "garbage".


The Book of Daniel, all biblical, all Chassidic and Kabbalistic visions of the future - all predict and all agree in saying that - "in the end it will be alright" - so - it will be. Once you BELIEVE it will be alright - then - your mind can find PEACE.


You see - if your mind is believing "someone" who says "panic" - then you're deceived and will live in "fear". Whereas when your mind is believing "someone" who says it will be "world peace" - then your mind believes it.


But it's going to take more than "believing" before you're completely "at peace" - because - when you see something that happens in real life that CONFIRMS your belief system - then you'll truly be enlightened. Being at peace - means - your reality is in sync with your belief system of your mind.


And conversely for non-believers when something happens in real life that contradicts your belief system - you will doubt your belief system and doubt yourself - that's when your mind will be ready to consider the possibilities of "miracles" and the "Divine".


Truly believing is having faith in all the prophets who are much more enlightened souls than we are. All we have to do is BELIEVE in the future - BELIEVE in world-wide enlightenment for everyone.


Believing in a future - is a - SPIRITUAL SECRET of ENLIGHTENMENT. You see - people who believe that "life is life" - and - everything is fixed - and - once a person dies that's the end - then their mind is focused on the "dead-end of death".


Whereas when you know and believe that there's a spiritual afterlife - then you're not thinking of death as a dead-end - instead - you're thinking of death as a doorway to next phase of life - into a brighter future. When you're not frightened of death - then - you're able to live life.


Kabbalah and Chassidus - teaches everyone to believe in a brighter future - that things can always change - but - in order for things to change - we must 1st accept the darkness - embrace the darkness - not-be-frightened of the darkness - in fact - singing-and-dancing during the darkness - will crack-open your aura - to feel the light coming.


That's exactly why Chassidic Judaism began the essence of song, dance and music to energize oneself out-of-the-darkness. You see - whilst - Light and Darkness are real - the "light" and "darkness" is a state of mind that exists within you. Some people have "it" all - and - yet they live in darkness. Whereas some people seemingly have "nothing" - and - yet they live in the light.



Kabbala & Chassidus defines

"Everything is Possible"

Many people have heard of magical stories of "Kabbala & Chassidus"

The impossible becomes possible - because - of the power of Love & "Belief in Infinity"

Kabbala says - it doesn't matter what other people say about you - you can do "it"



Kabbala and Chassidus - defines - the SECRET is "LOVE" - The Talmud tells - "A person who saves one person - saves the whole world" - that is seemingly an exaggeration - but the truth is - when a person does something good by saving someone's life - it creates more LOVE in the world.


When someone does you a favor - you become more loving towards them - you become more loving towards other people too. People who refuse to do a favor for others - are only damaging themselves.


When Kabbalistic and Chassidic Rabbis - help many people by giving them blessings of success - they're doing so - because they believe in humanity - they know that when you help someone - you will in-turn help other people. The biblical phrase - "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR" - means - "LOVE" is important for you to live with - because - when you "LOVE" others - you're opening your own soul to the infinite infinity of all energy.



Believing in "infinity" is the Key to Success

Believing it is possible - makes it possible

"Believing it is impossible - makes it impossible"

Everyone believes something's are possible and something's are impossible

"What do you believe is possible - that - 10 years ago - you believed was impossible?"

"What do you believe is possible - in the next 10 years of your life ?"


We all make mistakes in our lives - because of what we believe in. Believing in nonsense is as detrimental as not believing in truth. The Spiritual Secrets at the end of times - will ensure - everyone's stops believing in nonsense - and - everyone believes in truth.


What did you believe in 10 years ago - I'm sure you've changed your mind during the past 10 years. People who are FIXED and STUBBORN as saying they want to continue to live with the belief system they had 10 years ago - as we get more spiritually enlightened - we will all realize the necessity to be OPEN-MINDED.


When you read on the internet about people who've been cured on illnesses - it talks to your belief system - that you will be healed too. When you heard about SmartPhones, iPad's, iPhone's etc - you didn't quite believe it could do it all - UNTIL - you got one yourself.


It's nice to hear "belief" stories of spiritual enlightenment - but - when it happens to you - then you know you've got "it". The Book of Daniel emphatically predicts that everyone in the whole world will become spiritually enlightened.


The reason you'll get "it" - is - because the DIVINE which resides WITHIN every form of life - will make "it" happen. And it's already happening now for many people - and - will continue to happen for all of humanity - this is the destined time that Book of Daniel is referring to.


When people have a "limitation belief system" - because - they're only thinking of "earthly" physical limitations defined by logical thoughts - then - just like 100 years during "Potatoe" famine in Ireland and in Eastern Europe - "they" believed the world was coming to an "end" because there was not enough food - so too - people who believe that there's "not enough" - will always believe there's "not enough".


When you become ENLIGHTENED - then you unlock within you "an unlimited belief system" - believing "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE" - because - you're now being NATURAL. ENLIGHTENED is BELIEVING ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE is the most NATURAL WAY you were born - in idealism - they're only thinking "positive".


This is the reason why "almost" everyone in the world in every country of the world plays the "lottery". The dream of winning the lottery - is proof that there's a small component of everyone that BELIEVES ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - otherwise - defined by "logic" - it's a waste of money !


Whether it was Ghandi, Martin-Luther-King, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, Baba Sali, Sahdguru, Chassidish Rebbe's and all "light" workers - even writers, musicians and artists - everyone who creates a change via power of imagination - who creates something from nothing - is BELIEVING ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Do you honestly believe anything is possible? I know you do - you just want the SECRET to know how to do it - and - in this website - defined by your astrological energies and the week of the year - you will find your SECRET - and - is BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.



Success is a "YES" - Failure is a "NO"

Don't Listen to Close-Minded Idiots !

Idiots are always telling others - What not to do - What you can't do ...

Idiots create reasons - not to do this and not to do that - the do-nothing people

Wise people create reasons - to try this and to try that - the do-something people


"They'll Learn Much More than I'll ever Know" - Louis Armstrong



Stupid people instinctively want to make everyone else stupid. So they attempt to convince others with the "closed" opinions of what they think. When Louis Armstrong sang - "They'll Learn Much More than I'll ever Know" - in his world famous song "What a Wonderful World" - he was knowing the future - with joy and happiness that they world will become wiser.


Encouraging others to THINK BIG is definition of a good teacher. Discouraging others to THINK BIG is bad. A wise teacher always encourages everyone to explore and expand - think BIG and believe in BIG - trying leads to discovering. If you don't try - you won't discover.


The reason why many synagogues and church's have become EMPTY and disused is because the "religion" they taught was constantly telling people what they "can't" do - in the age of enlightenment - people don't want hear the negative words.


This is the reason why - CHABAD chassidic synagogues are growing in the world - as - Chassidic philosophy defines what you can do - with a basis of LOVE of others - compassion for others - tolerance for others. Success is defined by tolerance - failure is defined by intolerance.


Success is defined by "YES" - Failure is defined by "NO". Success is defined by saying "YES" to something NEW - by saying "YES" to life - by saying "YES" to others - whereas - Failure is defined by saying "NO" to others and doing nothing with gift of life.



Destiny has a plan - Open for Everyone

Everyone who wants "it" - is - welcome to "it"

The energy for enlightenment is available for everyone

If people who should be doing "it" - aren't doing "it" ...

then you can pick-up the spiritual energy and do "it"


The destiny of Spiritual Enlightenment is that it's available for Everyone. It's not about "one" person - "one rabbi" - "one guru" - it's about - EVERYONE BECOMING ENLIGHTENED. Enlightenment - says - Everyone who wants "it" - is - welcome to "it" - open the door of your mind and let "it" into your life.


The truth is - ENLIGHTENMENT - "it" is yours - you can't buy something that's already yours - you can't go a collect something that you've already got. It's WITHIN YOU. And - when you get awakened to realize this fact - you'll realize the truth - that the age of enlightenment has already arrived.


Let me give you example - "LOVE" - when you meet someone who loves you - and - you love them too - the invisible energy of LOVE and WARMTH is unlocked from WITHIN YOU. They didn't give you anything and you didn't give them anything - and - yet - the invisible ethereal energy of "LOVE" has done something positive for you.


When someone sends you an email from one part of the world to another - the electronic message - has been moved through space to convey an energy to you. When it arrives in your inbox - it does something to you - "it" unlocks an energy within you. Many times - like - the many people you meet everyday - more often than not - it does NOTHING for you.


And yet - when you get an email - when you make a specific connection which does SOMETHING for you - your INNER feelings makes certain that you pay-attention to it's importance - because "it" has UNLOCKED an energy inside you.


The same with spiritual enlightenment - there will be at least ONE SECRET which will UNLOCK something inside you - and - when you've got "it" - you'll know you've got "it" - because it's energy will be like - "winning the lottery" !


According to the prophetic visions - it was predicted that many people will neglect "it" for many years - there would be a time of darkness - I believe which was between 1997 => 2018. And then no more production of "darkness" - only a production of "light". I believe that destined time of enlightened awakening began in 2012 when Neptune entered Pisces - became stronger in 2019 - and will be completely bright by 2026.


From the destined time of enlightenment when you become awakened - whilst the darkness exists - the "light" is being let-in to ensure you get inspired with SECRETS. Each and every SECRET is a LIGHT. You see - a SECRET - once it is revealed - ensures all lies vanish. Enlightenment - once it arrives - ensures all darkness vanishes.



Kabbala & Chassidus believes

"Everything is Energy"


Everything in the Universe is ENERGY. The conversion of energy into something is called creation - although - some people call it "magic" and "miracles" - the truth is it's all about "ENERGY". When you have NO-ENERGY - it defines you're not "connected" correctly.


When you're "connected" correctly to everyone and everything your destiny wants you to be connected to - then you'll have lots of "ENERGY". When you're "connected" to a strong entity or person who can enable you to become MORE energetic - then - you feel MORE-ENERGY.


The MORE-ENERGY you feel and the BIGGER the ENERGY you feel - the more you realize it's power. The ENERGY of the INFINITE UNIVERSE is INFINITE. No human can comprehend or contain "infinite" energy and "infinite" thoughts - but - during the next few years - as - you've seen via the power of "internet" - you can get a glimpse at understanding "infinity".


It's impossible to look-at the Sun for more than a few seconds - and - yet when you the Full Moon - a direct reflection of the Sun's light shining on the surface of the Moon - you can stare at the Moon for hours. Kabbala and Chassidus - teaches - that you can get a glimpse of infinity.


When you understand that - EVERYTHING is ENERGY - that - converting the "ENERGY" into something from nothing is no longer an illogical miracle - in fact - it becomes quite logical and normal.


The essence of Kabbala and Chassidus - teaches - to be CONNECTED to source of INFINITE ENERGY - and - then - everything else - will follow in sync with whatever the Source of energy wants you to do with your life.


Kabbalists and Chassidish Rebbes - know the infinite energy exists - and - know the truth that it's available, unlimited and not being used - because - "Earthly" people are busy doing other things with their lives - instead of tapping-into the infinite infinity of pure energy.


Hence, the Kabbalists and Chassidish Rebbes - can channel the light and energy to be used wisely by people who will do something useful with it. When you realize that "they" are activating a channel - then - you'll realize that the channel is available to everyone. All you have to do is "BELIEVE IN EIN SOF" - "BELIEVE IN INFINITY".


When "GOD" asked King Solomon what he wanted - he answered - "Enlightenment and Wisdom" - because - King Solomon knew when you've got the "light" - you can achieve everything. Now - let me ask you an honest question - would you prefer $1,000,000 or would you prefer to be connected to the INFINITE INFINITY of ENLIGHTENMENT ?


If you honestly want the "$1,000,000" - then - you've missed the point of enlightenment - because enlightenment says when you've got "it" - then - you'll have everything you need - and - everything will flow through you.


Because when you've got "Enlightenment and Wisdom" - you will be the type of person who will do lots of good with "$" - so - plenty of "$" will come your way. The magical stories you've heard of Kabbalists and Chassidish Rebbes gifting and channeling "wealth" to people - is defined because - the people realize with humility that the gift of success is for purpose of doing-good with it.





Everyone is important - Everything is important

There's nothing in the world that's "garbage"

Everything is important - even "stones"!


I've created the websites from a collection of wisdom from these "Jewish Books" - all of which - were thrown-away into Sheimos in London - no-one wanted them - and - I got them all - for "FREE". I had learnt the SECRET from page 30 of Noam Elimelech - that - whatever Jewish books people throw-away as "garbage" has spiritual value.


As explained on the Lights-of-Pisces & Lights-of-Aquarius - that "Stones" - which seemingly are worthless and useless - are actually very powerful sources of energy. Hence - the 10 commandments on Stone - "stones" placed on Jewish gravestones.


The same with - ENLIGHTENMENT and INFINITE ENERGY - when - people ignore and throw-away something that's important - in favor of - focusing on facets of earthly life that's unimportant - then - they're missing the point of enlightenment.


Your mind can't process both the BEGINNING and the END of the energy process at the same time. If you concentrate on the BEGINNING of the energy process - then - automatically you'll get the END. But if your mind is concentrating on the END you'll never be looking for the SOURCE and the BEGINNING.


The "Chassidus of Noam Elimelech" explains that constantly there's NEW ENERGY being transcended - all you have to do is understand the "SOURCE" - the - "BEGINNING" of energy process - and - then flow of life-energy will automatically happen.


During the 112 years of changes and transformation - every year has created a NEW ENERGY which ensured you arrived at where you are today - when you embrace all the energies - then - you'll be living the way destiny wants is to live in the age of enlightenment.




Changes created Every Year Since 1900

Everyday of Your Life has Energy

Everyday has potential Energy

Never forget that your existence today has been defined by events since 1900


During each of the "112 years of Changes and Transformation" - which I believe began 1900 - every year has created a NEW ENERGY which ensured you arrived at where you are today - when you embrace all the energies - then - you'll be living the way destiny wants is to live in the age of enlightenment.


There will be a specific year that changed your life because you were born in that year - or - because - something very important happened to you. That "happened" to you - because - it was essentially important to you.


Re-energizing your life - defined by - reconnecting with those years of destiny - will ensure - you're back-on-track. People who pretend things didn't happen - or - pretend that "other" people don't exist - are trying to delete something that can't be deleted.


The only way to eliminate anything bad from your life in the age of Enlightenment - is - by healing it - fixing it - mending it. The only way to energize your life today - is by reflecting back - if necessary - as far back as 1900 - and - recognize the truth - if not for events that happened in your parents and grand-parents lives - you wouldn't be alive today.


You owe your existence today - to people - who ensured you're alive today. Every event that ensured you're alive today is ENERGY of DESTINY. An enlightened energy that changed the course of your life.




Explained Fully on "The Author of Noam Elimelech Chassidus"


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