The Books-of-Secrets ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם - בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן


The Spiritual Secrets of the Lights of the Universe - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

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The Book of Secrets ספר סודי סודות

Introduction to Book of Secrets


[14mins Audio] - Introduction [5th July'19] - "Book-of-Secrets"


[14mins Audio] - Introduction [26th June'19] - "Book-of-Secrets"



The essence of the word "Secret" always defines something TRUTHFUL. A fact that you're searching for - to help you understand life. Everyone in the world are constantly being "deceived" and "lied-to" - that's always been so - that's a fact of life.


As you become older and wiser - as you become ENLIGHTENED - then - you'll see life clearer - you'll see-through the lies and deception - wisdom based on your life-experiences ensures you learn to discern the difference between what's good and bad for you.


Collectively, whenever destiny defines that we must become MORE ENLIGHTENED - destiny reveals more SECRETS of life to us - destiny allows and inspires humanity to DISCOVER more. The more you DISCOVER the truth about life - the clearer you become your own life - the more enlivened you become.


A SECRET is a powerful moment of discarding all darkness - and - a SECRET ensures you're given all the answers you need. Imagine being given all the questions and answers to an exam you're about to take in advance - you'd never forget it all. Even though you've still got to do the exam - your mind will ensure it remembers every detail.


When you know the SECRETS of life - then you know how to handle life. You will still need to experience life - but - knowing in advance the challenges - will ensure - you're prepared in advance to GET-IT-RIGHT. Collectively our generation - this time in our lives - we're all being gifted the SECRETS of life - in order for all of us to collectively - GET-IT-RIGHT.


We've been given SOME SECRETS of life - and soon - because we're ready - we will be given the BIGGER SECRETS of life. In time and with stages - that we can absorb - adjust - learn - grow - and - change.


When you're ready for the BIG SECRETS of life - then - you'll have been prepared slowly-slowly and be ready for it all - without "it" being such a big shock to your system. How many times have you heard a BIG SECRET - and - because it came suddenly as a BIG SECRET - it shocked so much that it took time to adjust.


Our generation is being gifted SECRETS - and - unlike the past 6000 years - the next 20 years - there will be exponential growth of mind, souls and spirit - because we're READY to become fully ENLIGHTENED.


A SECRET is one piece of information that ensures you stop wasting your life-energy on anything that's useless. A SECRET is all you need to GET-IT-RIGHT - and - hence in the Book-of-Secrets - hopefully there will be information that will tell you - your SECRET you need to know - to open-up your mind, soul and thoughts - to ensure - you know all you need to know - to GET-IT-RIGHT.


There's just one statement of introduction to Book-of-Secrets that's - You weren't born to be a failure - you were born to GET-IT-RIGHT - you were born to fulfill your destined and karmic experiences - you were born to live life - you were not born to be fearful of life or to avoid life.


You're living in these precious years - the internet generation - the age of enlightenment - unlike any other time in the history of the world - so - embrace the fact that you're alive today - love the fact that you're alive - love the fact you've got the destined opportunity to GET-IT-RIGHT.



The Purpose of Life is to Feel Alive by Embracing Life

Secrets will help you to Live Life - because - you were born to Live Life

You were not born to be fearful of life - or - to avoid life.


There's an English expression - "better to have loved and lost - than - never to have loved at all". Living life means experiencing life. The Jewish religion is not an imaginary way of life - nor is it a religion of philosophy or impractical idealism.


The Jewish religion - especially - the spiritual Chassidus & Kabbalistic - has always been defining a COHESION between real life experiences and the higher-self of a spiritual soul that is within everyone.


When you've GOT-IT-RIGHT - this defines - your physical reality is exactly in SYNC with your higher self. Whenever there's an exactness of synchronicity - because - deep-inside you - you know you've GOT-IT-RIGHT.


For example - when you're a teenager you're informed of facts-of-life and about "sex" - but - only when you experience it for yourself in real life - then - you're mind is OPENED-UP wide.


The same with every SECRET that's given to you - when - you hear the SECRET - apply it to real life - and - it works for you - then your mind and soul is OPENED-UP wide with enlightenement. Then you know - you're on the pathway of enlightenment to GETTING-IT-RIGHT.


If you're frightened of life - if you're worried about life - if you're fearful of life - then - you're not living life. Life is a journey - and - more than ever before in the history of the world - this is the destined time to live-life - and - "GET-IT-RIGHT".




Explained Fully on "Kabbala & Chassidus"


"Unlimited" - Meaning of Infinity

Believing in Infinity - Believing in "unlimited"

"The Magic of Kabbala and Chassidus"

The Gift of the Internet is making wisdom available to everyone everywhere


The Jewish belief system defines that "in-the-end" it will be alright - "ANI MA'AMIN - I BELIEVE" - Jewish people will always be BELIEVERS in a future - as - Judaism - knows there's a Divine BIG picture. Judaism never gives-up hope - even when it's really "dark".


The reason for "never-giving-up-hope" - is that - all the prophetic Kabbalistic and Chassidic books - define the fact of life - that - there will always be DARKNESS prior to the LIGHT. Hence, knowing that we're experiencing a painful dark phase - means - that there's a bright, light and happy phase coming soon.


Kabbalah and Chassidus - teaches everyone to believe in a brighter future - that things can always change - but - in order for things to change - we must 1st accept the darkness - embrace the darkness - not-be-frightened of the darkness - in fact - singing-and-dancing during the darkness - will crack-open your aura - to feel the light coming.




Explained Fully on "The Last Generation"


"The Last Generation"


Whenever you've heard words said about "the end" - "the last generation" - and because you've been fooled, tricked into believing nonsense and lied-to by apocaliptic prophets of doom-and-gloom - your mind has been STOLEN from you.


You see - your mind in natural state - without external influences of alcohol, drugs or reading garbage on the internet - believes in a future. The purity of your soul is knowing a truth that the "end of the world" isn't anything you have to worry about.


You see "some" people who don't believe in GOD - who don't believe in a creator of the Universe - falsely believe that life on Earth is been left to "humans" and is out-of-control. Life is given the appearance of being left to "humans" - but in reality - DIVINE destiny is in control of everything that happens.


The "Last Generation" is an expression defining the "LAST GENERATION of DARKNESS" - prior to - "the next and FIRST generation of pure worldwide ENLIGHTENMENT". The "Last Generation" is time of twilight - of overlap - between darkness and enlightenment.


The "Last Generation" - defines clarity and in many ways simplicity - during which time - SECRETS are revealed - darkness vanishes - because - everyone will be seeing the truth - and - then automatically you'll stop-wasting time worrying for nothing or being fearful for nothing.




Explained Fully on "The Author of Noam Elimelech Chassidus"


The "Noam Elimelech" is the name given to Rabbi Elimelech Weissblum who lived [1717 => 1787] - [Hebrew year 5477 => 5547] and is buried in Lezajsk [Lizhensk] in south eastern Galicia region of Poland.


His whole life was devoted and concerned about the "last generation" - he could see into the future - he could see what Jewry would be experiencing - he could see that in the specific window of the 112 years of changes and transformation - that - we would need "help" and "guidance" - we would need a teacher of inspiration to maintain "belief" in GOD - "belief" in destiny - "belief" that everything would be alright - and - hence wrote the book in 1780/1787 - to ensure the "last generation" would be guided.


He predicted that after many years of darkness - would come light. Predicting the future - and - seeing the future - was - the gift given to him. And it was said - after his death - the gift of prophecy was passed-onto the Chozeh of Lublin.


Unlike "people" who predict the future to avoid bad things happening. Noam Elimelech defines the karmic truth for our soul that we need bad experiences in order to heal our souls - to strengthen our character. Noam Elimelech is the essence of ACCEPTANCE - everything is meant to be the way it is.


In the "end" and with the gift of "hindsight" - everyone will see the reasons why everything happens. But - before - seeing the truth - before - being enlightened - before - learning the secret - the key is ACCEPTANCE of the situation you're in.


"Acceptance" - especially when you say you "love" it - when - you fully embrace "it" - however painful it seems to be - and - however sarcastic it might sound - when you say you "love" it - and - accept "it" - then you're living in sync with destiny. Fighting "it" and hating "it" - is not the way forwards to unlock the "secret".


Chassidus teaches when you "Accept and Embrace" - when you "Accept and Love" - you're shining a light of happiness from within you - at the darkness of whatever "it" is - and - when you shine light - when you emit light - the darkness vanishes. Darkness can't vanish by fighting it with more darkness.



Nothing happens "by accident"

"When the solution is simple - God in answering" - Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was famous for "thinking" - but - not just "thinking" - he did and he lived life. He combined both religious philospohical attitude to life - and - pragmatic real life. As he is quoted "Science without religion is lame - religion without Science is blind".


We all need "all" components of life to understand life. People who refuse to learn - people who refuse to believe - and - people who think they know-it-all are really the most "stupid" people in the world.


My favorite quote of Albert Einstein is - "When the solution is simple - God in answering" - Secrets are simple - like a combination to a safe. You might try all the permutations in the world - but - unless you have the right combination - you won't open the door.


Secrets are precious - because - when you learn a Secret - and it works for you - then - you've done it - you'll never go-back to darkness or stagnation. That's the purpose of Book-of-Secrets is to talk to you - to unlock the right combination what will work for you.


[19mins Audio] - Never "ignore" Anything that Happens in your life"


Attraction and magnetism - defines - that everything that happens in your life - you've attracted it into your life. All relationships - everyone who has come-into your life - destiny attracted them into your life - for you to experience the relationship.


There's a lesson to be learnt in everyone you've known and know. If someone still "annoys" or "bothers" you - it defines - you've not learn the lesson. When you ACCEPT them for being players who played a part in the drama of your life - and - when you ACCEPT the lesson - then the pain vanishes.


The 1st Secret you need to know to unlock your life is to ACCEPT the existence of everyone in your life - this doesn't mean getting-back together with them - but - ACCEPTANCE of their existence - they played an important part in your life - to ensure you are who you are.


If "their" negative influence is still blocking your life - it defines you're fighting the destiny of it. ACCEPTING the destiny - especially the bad relationships and bad events - will ensure - you're set-free from entanglements with "bad" situations - and - will ensure - you will move-on with your life.




Explained Fully on "The 112 Pages - defining - 112 Years"


The Last 112 years

There's never been such changes in the world as the last 112 years


We're living it - we're in it at this very moment - things are happening that have never ever happened in the history of the world - and - yet - it is happening. The fears and panic of 20 -30 - 40 years ago - are indeed distant fears of things that never ever happened.


Things are evolving - things are changing. Whilst there are types of people who like to see the "bad" - the truth is collectively - life is becoming better. Things which would have been impossible "dreams" - are - a daily reality.


Things are happening - and - we accept it. However, each and everyone has a SPECIFIC SOMETHING you're searching for - because - something isn't right - something is bothering you - you know - you're missing SOMETHING SPECIFIC - that's your SECRET which you're waiting to read about - so that you can become ENLIGHTENED.


You see - many years ago - you needed a GURU - or - RABBI - or - PRIEST - or - TEACHER - to tell you what to do. But the definition of the prophetic age of enlightenments - means - YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF !


It's your destiny to search for it - to find it - to unlock it from within yourself. And when you've got "it" - found the "secret" - that's when you'll realize - the truth that - "it" is WITHIN you - and - has been WITHIN you from the day you were born.



The Final Word is Peace שלום Shalom

עושה שלום במרומיו הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל כל ישראל

"The Divine Eternal Creator who makes peace in the Divine spiritual realms will make peace amongst us".

The Hebrew word for wholesomeness and completion is שלם is the same word as שלום - Shalom - Peace



This is the Destined Time of Spiritual Enlightenment

המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness, and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever" - דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment.



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The Book of Secrets ספר סודי סודות

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