The Books-of-Secrets ספר סודי סודות

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The Spiritual Secrets of the Lights of the Universe - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

Translated and explained by Author of - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

3 Facets of Your StarSign - explains - How to be "You" - A Perfect SunSign Gemini

Full Explanations Defining the StarSign of "Gemini" - being uploaded now - in August 2020


The Book of Secrets ספר סודי סודות

The Spiritual Secrets of the Lights of the Universe



1st Version - "Introductory" Version

uploading will be done in the next 14 days




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5 Audio's for - 12th/13th June 2020

This Week's Lesson - #Part1 [14mins] - 13th June - Parshas B'Halosecha

This Week's Lesson - #Part2 [17mins] - 13th June - Parshas B'Halosecha

This Week's Lesson - #Part3 [14mins] - 13th June - Parshas B'Halosecha

This Week's Lesson - #Part4 [15mins] - 13th June - Parshas B'Halosecha

This Week's Lesson - #Part5 [6mins] - 13th June - Parshas B'Halosecha



[1] This Week's Parsha is B'Halosecha - 3rd Parsha in the 4th Book of Moses

Following on from last week's theme of "Unity"

The parsha is all about being INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE


Your Life is defined by the "people" in your life

Your happiness is created by being with the right people

Your sadness is because your with the wrong people or you have no-one

Life is about forming "unions" - "bonds" - "connections" - working in sync with other people



B'Halosecha introduces the 7 branched "Menora" - The Candelabra in the House of Prayer

7 Candles are lit - 3 on either side - 1 in the middle - 7 is a Divine Number of Wholesomeness

7 is meaningful in many ways - 7 days of the week - 7 weeks = 49 days - "Pentecost" is 50th day

7 Months of transformation - 7 Years of service - 7 Years that define a "complete" cycle of life


Your wholesomeness is defined by 7 aspects of your life

Astrologically in our Solar system - 7 is defined by 2 ways


[a] Sun-Mercury-Venus - 3 planets on one side of Earth in the centre -

and - Mars-Jupiter-Saturn - the 3 outer visible planets on the other side of Earth

with "Earth" being the centre - "Earth" being the focus of your attention and your life


[b] alternatively - the Sun is the centre - the Sun is the source of all energy holding it all together

Hence - Mercury-Venus-Earth on one side of the Sun - and - Mars-Jupiter-Saturn on the other side


The CHOICE of which [a] or [b] version you understand defines "YOU"


Do you look at Earth as the most important center of energy?


Do you look at the Sun as the most important center of energy?


Do you look at your individual life on Earth as most important ?


Do you look at the SOURCE of energy the most important ?


Everyone should experience BOTH in their life-experience on Earth

When you're spiritually immature you look at Earth as center


When you become spiritually enlightened then Sun is the center

The SOURCE becomes the center of your life-energy



Having all 7 visible planets - is - having all 7 lights on the Menorah lit - is your wholesomeness

If there would be even one candle unlit - "it" would bother you - because you'll see "it" missing

Human-nature is to only pay-attention when we see something is missing


If ANY aspects of your life - are - unlit - then for the next 50 [40 + 10] days - you'll feel "it"

And this is the time that you'll be able to do something about "it"




[2] Let me explain the wholesomeness of 7 Weeks 50 days [40 + 10] days

When you're making any changes - "it" takes 40 persistent days of focus

and then 10 days of seeing and enjoying the results when "it" is delivered into your life


Pentecost was defined by wholesomeness 7 Weeks 50 days [40 + 10] days

From now there are 2 x of 7 Weeks 50 days [40 + 10] days - until - Yom Kippur

And in each zone - there's a chance to make MAJOR changes and MIRACLES


You see - "astrology" defines the specific zone of the sky of the 12 Zodiac StarSigns

but - there is above this Zodiac zone - the sky is filled of energy


hence - "kabbalist's" know the right timing when you ACTIVATE "it" for you -

and - "kabbalists" achieve MIRACLES for people


This is what Noam Elimelech has done and does for many people

Lighting a candle at his "tomb" - with the right prayers - makes MIRACLES

This was the reason why many readers had MIRACLES as I worked the kabbalistic magic


The reason for the 40 days is that it gives your EMOTIONS to desire and need your destiny

During 40 days there will be at least 1 Full Moon and it's the power of your emotions

being BLASTED OPEN that can allow MAZEL and SUCCESS to come-into your life




[3] A Menorah-Candelabra - is useless without Candles

A candle is a physical connection to the Candelabra and the spiritual light


Life is about the cohesion of BOTH types of people - Earthly Physical and Spiritual

No-one can do BOTH - your choice is to be the Earthly Candelabra - OR - Spiritual Magical Light


Hence the "partnership" of people - the cost of the blessings is tithes - tzadaka - 10%

I only ask for just "one" 10% of the 1st deal - or - 10% of 1st month paycheck - after a miracle is done

The purpose of "partnership" of different types of people - is - to RESPECT everyone has a role in life


The Kabbalistic Magic of making MIRACLES is a spiritual secret of Noam Elimelech

The secret is based on the fact that the Kabbalist is detached from materialism and material world


The Kabbalist is always thinking of the Divine - always worshipping the Divine - always looking-upwards

always in love with the Divine - and - always full of understanding for everyone on Earth

and - most importantly - NOT living on Earth - like materialistic people live - detached from Earthly essence


This is why Poland is so special - Poland is pure because of a lack of financial wealth

Poland is more concentrated on SPIRITUAL than materialism

All the "Polish" people who wanted materialism have left Poland

whilst I moved-in to live in Poland to attain the fulllness of idealistic spirituality

Especially that the heriditory source of my soul is Poland - back to roots of true belonging


The Kabbalist understands with COMPASSION and LOVE that good people need financial success

The Kabbalist - is like a Candle that burns brilliant light - the Candle does not want to become a Candelabra

And - the Kabbalist ACCEPTS that the "candelabra" cannot and must not become a "Candle"


The lesson of the Menorah is union of two - union of materialism and spirituality

union of people - union of partnerships - and - each catergory must support the other

Life falls apart - marriages fall apart - when it is one-sided - when one gives and the other does nothing


Lucky fact that Kabbalist are only allowed to take 10% of the 1st paycheck - or - 1st deal - the "miracle"

Because once the connection is made - once the candle has been lit on the Candelabra - it's alight forever


Once the Kabbalist has created the "magnetism" of attracting your destiny and good fortune - you're alight forever

And the Kabbalist knows - not-to-take from the Earthly world - only a minimum that's allowed of - 10%




[4] Let me move-on to explain a MAJOR Spiritual Secret of UNITY

UNITY - means - Focus - and - the absolute Concentration on "ONE"


When you've found the home your living in and your happy with it - you don't go looking for another

When you've found the job/career you've got and your happy with it - you don't go looking for another

When you've found the partner your love so much - you don't go looking for another


A definition of knowing you've got your DESTINY is that - you don't go looking for another

GREED, JEALOUSY and WANTING MORE than your DESTINY is the opposite of Unity "ONE"

You can only be in "bed" in Unity of "ONE" - your success and happiness is defined by "ONE"


If your "Mind" wanders - and - if your "thoughts" are thinking of multiples' of destiny - then your "one" is fake

Hence to RESET yourself - to cleanse yourself - you need to comprehend the Unity of "ONE"


There is only ONE "Sun" - there is only ONE "Moon" - and in the Unity of ONE - it's perfection

No-one complains about the size or shape of the Sun or the Moon


The "Sun" and "Moon" are 100% perfect

The astrology of our Solar System is 100% perfect

The trees and plants - the fruits and vegetables are 100% perfect

100% perfect - energizes other things to become 100% perfect


The 1st relationships you encounter are your parents and with you most of your life

you believe and know your parents are 100% perfect for you


As you grow-up and seek relationships - you're looking for 100% perfect for you

All relationships that are sustained - are because - you accept they are 100% perfect for you


Anyone who is complaining about their relationships - means - it's WRONG for you

Even a destined relationship can be WRONG for you - if you feel the need to complain about them


The "SIGN" to know you've found the RIGHT one is that YOU stop finding fault with "other" people

The "SIGN" to know you've found the RIGHT one is that YOU know "it" is 100% perfect for you


During the next 3 months - everyone will be given a 2nd chance at relationships

The numerous "retrogrades" in Summer of 2020 - means - you can get-back your destiny ...

but this time - learn the lesson - and - accept it's 100% perfect for you ......


When you're having passionate sexual love - you know it is 100% perfect for you

In the same way "sex" is 100% perfect for you - every other facet of the relationship is 100% perfect for you


Remember - your parents were not perfect - but - your parents were 100% perfect for you

Remember - you are not perfect - no-one is perfect - but - your relationships are 100% perfect for you


Hence the RESET to go-back to basics and accept everything and everyone in your life as 100% perfect for you

Even your ex's - at that time were 100% perfect for you - to teach you about good/bad relationships

The only way out-of-the-loop of bad-relationships is to accept EVERYONE attracted into your life is 100% perfect for you




[5] True Love is Devotion - True Love is Eternal - True Love is always there for you

A bond of True Love is created by destiny to ensure you TRUST the people life wants you to be connected to


Hence when anyone LIES to you - when you're in a relationship you can't TRUST then you've got a problem

In March-April-May 2020 - due to being "in-need" - everyone found out the people who are there for you

Actions spoke louder than words - and - you've realized who was there for you.


With respect to "Noam Elimelech" - his "spirit" saved my life

Because of the "Noam Elimelech" - I am living here in Poland - out-of-love for having been saved


When someone saves-your-life a BOND is formed - and - it will make you do anything for them

Likewise when you save someone's life - the BOND - ensures "they" will do anything for you

You'll do anything for your children - and - your children one-day will do anything for you

"It" is transferred from one-lifetime to another - the karma of relationships.


For this I say special "THANK YOU" for the past few months to

Tammy - Carissa - Rhea - John - Mary-Kate - Mary-Ruth & Tara


Now - here is the MAIN point - whenever you've been PANICKING in an emergency

"Something" happened inside you - to have a BREAKTHROUGH in an emergency


When you make MAJOR decisions - it is because there's huge energy around you

Always at the most painful moments - is when "SOMEONE-UP-THERE" helps you


You can call the "SOMEONE-UP-THERE" - your GOD - your guardian angel - your spirit guide

You can call the "SOMEONE-UP-THERE" - who helps you in emergencies - Buddha - Jesus - Allah

You can call the "SOMEONE-UP-THERE" - Divine intervention - or - any other name


The bottom line is that "SOMEONE-UP-THERE" - is - INVISIBLE to you

and yet when you panic and call-out for HELP from "SOMEONE-UP-THERE" - you get an answer


That is your "SPECIAL SOMEONE-UP-THERE" - that's TRUE LOVE towards you

Your "SPECIAL SOMEONE-UP-THERE" - LOVES YOU very much to get you through life


All you have to do is reciprocate - and - LOVE "it" back - RESPECT "it" back - WORSHIP "it" back

All energies of "RELATIONSHIPS" are defined by - two-way energy - of - loyalty - pure love - and - worship

That's why everyone believes in your "SPECIAL SOMEONE-UP-THERE" - who looks after you




[6] This week and for the next 2 months - defines - a burning inner desire to be in a Unity of ONE

which means - your instincts will be restless - until - you've got the Unity of ONE


Whichever facet of your life is not functioning

Whichever candle of the 7 candles on the Menorah-Candelabra is not lit

Whichever facet is "dead" in your life


"it" is all awakened from a restlessness from within you

when you feel restless and unsettled - "it" means - "it" is time to find that "unity"

The natural healthy sexual instinct always means - after-sex you're at peace - because the "unity".




[7] From Sunday 14th June 2020 - [Apologies for delay - it will be explained 16th/17th June]

I promise - it will be done - to begin the next cycle of 40 days - on Sunday 21st June 2020


I'm going to be explain more about how I unlock MIRACLES of Noam Elimelech

And will be accepting new people to work-with - I will be selective as not everyone is ready in June



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