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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Sefer "Noam Elimelech" ספר נועם אלימלך

Rebbe Elimelech Weissblum of Lezajsk - Lizhensk

ספר נועם אלימלך


The "Noam Elimelech" is the name given to Rabbi Elimelech Weissblum who lived [1717 => 1787] - [Hebrew year 5477 => 5547] and is buried in Lezajsk Lizhensk, in south eastern region of Poland. He is referred to Rebbe Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk; the repeat of the the name Rebbe [meaning leader/teacher] and Reb [meaning respected teacher] is to the fact that he was and is connected to both people in this physical world and to spirit souls in spirit world. He is a teacher, guide and leader to a multitude of souls in both worlds.



The Spiritual Promise of the Holy נועם אלימלך

Going to the Grave and Tomb of the Noam Elimelech

There are numerous stories told of this spiritual Rabbi; the best known is that he prepared his soul and prayed for a period of over 21 years intensely that his soul will always be present at his grave on the small hill in Lizhensk for everyone and anyone who makes the effort to come there to pray - his soul will always be present to help, guide and assist. He said that the reason he wanted to be present at his grave was to listen to the prayers and help "the last generation"; if indeed we are living as the "last generation" - then surely we should be respecting his wishes and being there to pray for "peace" & "spiritual enlightenment" for the whole world.

To the extent that it was said in the name of the Premishlaner Rebbe that anyone who comes and prays at the grave of Rebbe Elimelech in Lizhensk will not die without being ready to enter the spiritual world of soul with their soul accomplished that which they came to this world to do.

It is practically impossible to explain to anyone the feeling of being inside the ohel/Tomb of Rebbe Elimelech in Lizhensk but I can assure all readers that YOU WILL feel something very special and it is a journey worth making if you can; indeed all year round there are many visitors and on his anniversary yahrzeit in February / March there are 1000's of visitors from all over the world.

However to really appreciate him, can only be done by connecting you mind, thoughts and soul with his mind, thoughts and soul through reading his genius masterpiece of the book "Noam Elimelech".


The spiritual Jewish tradition of walking around the grave 7 times is copied at Jewish weddings - as the bride circles her husband-to-be 7 times - indicating an Eternal bond on all levels. Likewise, it is tradition to walk around the grave of a tzaddik 7 times - to announce to his soul that your soul wants to be connected to him eternally. I've seen many people do this around Noam Elimelech in Lizhensk - and everyone FEELS something from WITHIN - that's inexplicably spiritual and strong.



100% Truthfulness with GOD & with נועם אלימלך

The Holy elevated spiritual soul of Rebbe Elimelech is indeed very close to the Eternal Divine source of GOD; and therefore going to the tomb is not to be taken lightly; 100% truthfulness is required; even if you have made mistakes, even if you don't really believe in GOD and even if you consider yourself a sinner - that's OK - so long as you are 100% truthful.

The foundation to "finding" the true pathway in life is 100% truthfulness; even if you are untruthful to others - but be truthful with GOD and with this holy spiritual soul of Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk - he can ONLY help you if you are sincere and honest. After all when each of our physical lives end we will have to account in spirit world truthfully - so why not start being truthful now ?!

As is written in his book; he is a reincarnated soul of one of the most unique Jewish souls; and in this reincarnation he emphasized the importance of having a "clear" mind - therefore he refrained from drinking any alcohol. As "drinking" frazzles the mind, disturbs the brain and creates a blockage within one's soul - it actually prevents things from happening in your life; and certainly stops you from thinking clearly; therefore as a disciple of his teachings one will come to develop a sharp, clear-thinking mind and one will certainly refrain from "drinking" anything that disturbs one's spiritual concentration and soul.


The Book Sefer "Noam Elimelech" ספר נועם אלימלך

This book is a real masterpiece of pure genius written by a soul that is so powerful, elevated and holy, that through reading this book your mind, thoughts and soul will connect with his soul as he can transcend all levels and connect with all people and genuinely offers spiritual help to elevate and guide everyone's soul to the pure spiritually enlightened pathway; the right pathway for you may not be the right pathway for someone else and yet the power and energy of this holy elevated soul is able to guide you to the same end result of purity and oneness with GOD.

The book is divided into sections according to the cycle of the weeks in the year; therefore there is a designated section to learn and read each week. Many people even ultra-orthodox Jews and learned men cannot understand his book as it is written by a genius.

It is a meditative book, which means as you read one paragraph you need to stop and think - allowing your thoughts to comprehend the meaning of the words. Sometimes it can take hours to read a few paragraphs as the Rebbe Elimelech has ensured that the wisdom he reveals in it - is only received and understood by the reader if they are completely spiritually "in tune" with his soul.


The meaning of the * in the book * ספר נועם אלימלך *

There is an additional factor in understanding this genius of a book and that is there are * on almost every sentence [see sample page below]; this is because the sentence is incomplete; he starts a sentence and then STOPS at the * ; at this point the reader is expected to be in tune with the Rebbe Elimelech and is supposed to intuit his wisdom to fill in the missing space. This is the reason why so many people cannot understand the wisdom in this book. However, there is a solution to understanding and filling in the correct message at each * and that is through spiritual meditation tuning into to the spiritual world; where the intuitive thoughts you receive will "fill in" each and every * .


There is another meaning of the * and that's related to the astrology of the stars in the sky - at each particular week - that the section of the book is learnt - the * refers to the stars in the sky. Indicative that the spiritual wisdom comes from EIN SOF - the infinite ether from BEYOND our solar system.



The only way to understand the * in the book

* ספר נועם אלימלך *

is to "tune in" and get very close to the Rebbe Elimelech

You may ask "How do I get close?" - simple answer - firstly fulfil his wish - go and visit him at his grave in Lezajsk in Poland ! Introduce yourself and see for yourself, sense what you sense; it may take a few moments, or hours, weeks or months to finally get his intuitive knowledge but it will come to all those who genuinely seek spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

Inside the Ohel / Tomb there is a certain unique "feeling" and energy - that energy is sensed everytime you open the book - it may not come back immediately to you because your mind maybe side-tracked or distracted by mundane things; but as you read his book you will sense the spiritual peacefulness, serenity, joy, inner happiness, intense love and compassion for you from his amazingly highly elevated soul. At that moment, every * in his book becomes very clear and spiritual wisdom is conveyed from spirit world to your soul.


Understanding and Tuning into "Rebbe" & Spirit World

Revealing the Secrets of the ספר נועם אלימלך

This book can only be understood by "tuning" into and completely connecting with the soul of Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk - There is no quick way - it is based on a powerful REAL connection between your soul in this physical world and his soul in the Eternal Divine spiritual world of souls.


Developing a Friendship and Bond with the נועם אלימלך

There is no question nor doubt that the compassion and love felt from his soul is more than any father or mother to their child for it is Eternal, spiritual and will guide you to your spiritual eternity and your unique pathway to enlightenment - it is forever. Indeed, I personally consider his Eternal Divine connection with spirit world and with GOD even better, more trustworthy and more compassionately understanding than my best friend could ever be and it is with thanks to his soul and his wisdom that these websites have gone online again in their new format and truthful identity, and with thanks to the spiritual guidance I received in Rzeszow, Lizhensk and Lancut in October 2010, with my truthful humble repentance at recognizing that I had got-it-wrong before in my previous websites.

I am indeed humbled and must to admit to all readers that I was "lost" without the spiritual guidance I received; therefore if you sense and appreciate my writings - please understand my honest humility that it is "not me" - it is the guidance and knowledge I have been blessed to comprehend with thanks to the Holy Soul of the Noam Elimelech of Lizhensk.


Understanding who is the "Rebbe" נועם אלימלך

Reincarnated Soul of Elimelech & Noami

The secrets of who the Rebbe is are hidden in his book - it goes back in time to the true story of who King David's ancestors were as explained in The Book of Ruth - when Elimelech and Naomi left Israel to live in Moab - he prophetically knew that the future savior of Israel - had his roots on the "other" side of the River Jordan in the land of Moab [today's Kingdom of Jordan] - so he went and his son married Ruth - who after the deaths of the men in the family - Naomi and Ruth returned to Israel - and Ruth married Boaz - who had son called Oved - who had son called Yishai [Jesse] - who then had son called David - who was King David - the writer of Book of Psalms and considered by all of Israel to be one of the greatest souls of the Jewish People.


The reincarnated soul of the biblical Elimelech is Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk - and hence he called his sefer Noam Elimelech - as a collective names of Noami and Elimelech. In his lifetime Elimelech and his brother Zusia of Hanipoli - traveled around together incognito in order to learn from, teach and influence people - but doing everything in a secret and hidden manner.

It is widely accepted amongst all Orthodox Jews that Rebbe Elimelech has a special closeness to the "Moshiach" - the Jewish redeemer at the end-of-times - and indeed in the same way that Elimelech in biblical times was instrumental in finding Ruth in Moab - and then Noami bringing her back to Israel - to convert and become the great-grandmother of King David - likewise - Rebbe Elimelech is looking after everyone to bring everyone of any religion and background close to spirituality.

It is traditionally accepted amongst Chassidim - that amongst someone from Israel who actually lives in Israel today - according to tradition lives in the North of Israel - in Tzfas or surrounding area - who travels to Lizhensk to connect with Rebbe Elimelech is the Messiah - this is indeed why 1000's of Jews - including all the Chassidic Rebbes from Israel - actually leave Israel to visit the tomb of Rebbe Elimelech in Poland to be the "possible" candidate for the saviour known as "Moshiach".


On a spiritual note - although the above might be true - one thing is for certain - that the Rebbe Elimelech has a huge influence on the end-of-times - his spiritual soul through his brilliant writings in his book are the preparations and foundations needed for our generation. I've seen with my own eyes during "Summer 2013" many people - 100's of tour buses of Polish, Germans, Swiss, French, English, lots of Americans and large groups from Israel like the ladies from WIZO, and many chassidic Rebbes like Toldos Aharon and Shomrei Emunim including many groups from Breslov - all of whom get great inspiration from being at the Tomb - all connect with his spirit - because there is "something" special in the presence of his tomb for EVERYONE - a true Divine spirituality which is all inclusive of all people's from all nations.


The Holy Sefer "Noam Elimelech"

Trying to Understand the *

This genius of a book explains the hidden secrets of the Holy bible; and in order to ensure that the secrets remain secret; this book was written in code; almost on every sentence there is a * ; sometimes there could be several * ; which means one must truly be 100% truthfully tuned into the spirit soul of Rebbe Reb Elimelech to comprehend its truthful meaning.

I will give you a few examples using the page reproduced below from Parsha BeHalosecha [ Book of Numbers Chapter 8 ]; this portion of the Bible is exceptionally spiritually distinctive for it shows the rise and fall of human's; but teaches us how to correct the mistakes we have made and to consider this world as a journey for our soul; therefore so long as we correct our soul - all can be repaired and mended for eternity.

I have chosen this page as this deals with "complainers" and people whom will be reincarnated souls for "complaining" and also because I have written a "70 Interpretations of the Torah" from the ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz who was a disciple of the Noam Elimelech and he too emphasizes the point of being truly grateful and happy with every moment of life.

With that insight, the 1st paragraph of the page Noam Elimelech below reads as follows [ in these type [ ] brackets is my explanation for you to be able to understand the written words]:-


Firstly I have translated the paragraph from the Noam Elimelech with the * :-


Speak to the children of Israel every single man who becomes impure in his soul - we need to explain this in accordance with the hints that are alluded to by the holy Zohar that when the Torah repeats names like ABRAHAM ABRAHAM likewise MOSHE MOSHE - GOD called his name twice this is referring to the fact that each and every person has an aspect of them in this world and an aspect that is in spirit world * try and understand this deep explanation and understand everything in the same way * Every man ISH ISH, if indeed you surely find HiMatza tiMatza, but the Torah repeats itself twice to teach that when you find a great elevated man, he has an aspect in this physical world and an aspect in the spiritual world above * So that when a man becomes impure he is, as the Zohar says emulating, a similar action of ADAM the 1st in the world who sinned in some small way * and this is the explanation here that becoming impure is only in this world just like ADAM * or it has become a long journey for you or for your many generations means that a person can work with two methods / directions * and that is them; through a long journey means by going to distant places in the spiritual worlds in the heavens above where he can go for you * for you indeed for your benefit to bring down influences for you all good *


And here is the translation again but with my explanations in brackets [ ] :-


Speak to the children of Israel every single man ISH ISH who becomes impure in his soul [ISH ISH translates to mean every single man; but the Noam Elimelech is focusing on the fact that throughout the bible when people are called twice - there is a deeper meaning; when, for example you call your child you may repeat their name or when you give someone an instruction you repeat yourself but when the Bible TORAH repeats itself it has a deeper meaning], we need to explain this in accordance with the hints that are alluded to by the holy Zohar that when the Torah repeats names like ABRAHAM ABRAHAM [referring to the time when GOD called ABRAHAM - he repeated his name twice] likewise MOSHE MOSHE - GOD called his name twice this is referring to the fact that each and every person has an aspect of them in this world and an aspect that is in spirit world * [see footnote Meditation A] try and understand this deep explanation and understand everything in the same way [ hence the secret is that whenever any name is repeated we are referring to the physical aspect of the person in this world and the spiritual aspect of the same person in the spirit world; we are indeed making ourselves aware that their our two worlds in harmony with each other and to truly live we must recognize and acknowledge the existence of both words] * [see footnote Meditation B] Every man ISH ISH, if indeed you surely find HiMatza tiMatza, [again a repetition of words - it's enough to use the word "Matza" which means "find" once]; but the Torah repeats itself to teach that when you find a man, he has an aspect in this physical world and an aspect in the spiritual world above * [see footnote Meditation C] So that when a man becomes impure [the word means gone astray from what is the right pathway] he is, as the Zohar says, emulating a similar action of ADAM the 1st in the world who sinned and in some small way all our sins are the same [ our real sins are facsimile's of the original sin; the essence of sin is going along a dead-end pathway, being side-tracked away from the correct life pathway, because when ADAM sinned and ate from the tree of knowledge he brought the punishment of death upon himself; therefore every real sin in the whole world is in it's essence the same and detracts from a person's life energy; whatever one does - if one feels ALIVE then it is life energy; if one feels drained then it is a sin and is death energy - just like the essence of the original sin of ADAM, listening to bad advice and taking something from this physical world that was "not his" to take; if something is destined and meant for you - you will get it - if you try and take something that is not yours to take - you will be disconnected and drained from the life source of your soul] * [see footnote Meditation D] and this is the explanation here that becoming impure is only in this world just like ADAM [ impure can only exist in this physical because a sin is only applicable to doing something physical in this world that leaves one's physical body drained whereas] * [This is where there is a long meditation from Noam Elimelech - see meditation #1] or it has become a long journey for you [your spiritual soul takes a detour along the wrong pathway because of the essence of your physical sin, so your destined journey of life takes a few years longer before you are put back on the right pathway] or for your many generations [this refers to people who can't fix the mess they made in this lifetime and will be forced to reincarnate in many future lifetimes and generations] means that a person can work with two methods / directions [we all have freewill choice, correct our mistakes in this lifetime or reincarnate] * [again a long intuitive meditation from Noam Elimelech - see meditation #2] and that is them; through a long journey means by going to distant places in the spiritual worlds in the heavens above where he can go for you [ if you can't fix your own life and reincarnation isn't going to help, then you have chance whilst you are still alive to go and ask a Holy elevate spiritual soul to work with you and for your on your behalf to put you back on your true correct destined pathway, and if your soul was completely born into a mess; then that elevate soul can guide you to a completely new life provided you leave the past completely] * [another long meditation from Noam Elimelech - see meditation #3] for you indeed for your benefit to bring down influences for you all good [the importance is to truly recognize that everything that happens in your life happens for the good, even if you can't see the bigger picture in your life, higher souls in spirit world that are genuinely helping you, can see the bigger picture, and are trying their best to put you on a good pathway full of genuine goodness but you seem to be holding onto your dysfunctional past, making it difficult for them to get you out of your bad situation into a good situation, the essence is to trust in GOD] *


I had refrained from giving explanation's for the first 4 intuitive spaces * as I hoped readers would make the effort to try and tune in themselves; however for the benefit of all readers I have uploaded explanations of first 4 intuitive spaces below * see footnote's below to see if you have been correctly "in tune".

Rebbe Reb Elimelech created his masterpiece in order to get readers to tune into his soul in spirit world to connect with the Eternal spiritual realms to intuit truthful spiritual wisdom; therefore it is not my place to give over all his secrets yet [and I add "yet", as I hope and pray that soon I will be blessed to reveal the true wisdom of the Noam Elimelech]. Nontheless I explain the following 3 important meditations to help readers tune-into what is being intuited here:-


* Meditation #1 - we are now expected by the Noam Elimelech to contemplate the long journey of the history of mankind from ADAM to our lives now; compare your life to the events of ADAM & EVE in the garden of Eden; the external influences of the snake, their actions and consequential punishments; as we are truly descendants then all aspects of our dysfunctional lives are just a facsimile of ADAM & EVE. Meditate and think about all your actions and everything you do - what and who really makes you feel alive and what makes you feel drained.

* Meditation #2 - is about the meaning of our lives and why we have reincarnated; accepting the real truthful fact that ALL of US in this generation are reincarnated souls because we got things wrong in previous lifetime/s; if we can't understand why bad things have happened in our lives until now, it is because of "messing up" in previous lifetimes and if we still refuse to recognize this truth and CHANGE by correcting ourselves in this lifetime, then more events will happen to force us to "wake-up" to spiritual reality. In this important meditation - we should by asking GOD in our prayers - what have we done wrong in past-lives that we have reincarnated in this life and what do we really need to get right and correct in this life ?

* Meditation #3 - is to concede defeat that we cannot work it out, we are totally hopeless and cannot live any longer without Divine spiritual intervention and real spiritual guidance in our lives. The truth is that there is a spiritual world of souls who are eager and waiting to help us - all we need to do is acknowledge their existence - then if we can find a truly elevated soul to help us - then it makes it very desirable and easy to want to bond with them by GOING to them and praying at their grave, and/or light candles for them and ask them to HELP us; knowing that they will indeed GUIDE us to our true destined pathway; that is provided we completely let go of the past and allow ourselves to be guided freely to the new and correct pathway for our soul by genuinely trusting in GOD.



The "Likutei Shoshano - Collections of Roses"

written by the "Noam Elimelech"

The book known as "Likutei Shoshano - Collection of Roses" was written by the Noam Elimelech

It explains more and certain specific hidden secrets - it's profound wisdom are like beautiful roses.



For your reference [ offers free online downloads of 1000's of HebrewBooks]

Including 2 copies of writings of ספר נועם אלימלך Sefer Noam Elimelech of Lizhensk

1. ספר נועם אלימלך Sefer Noam Elimelech of Lizhensk

2. Sefer Likutei Shoshana by Noam Elimelech of Lizhensk


The Holy Sefer "Noam Elimelech" is Pure Genius

Indeed the paragraph explained above contains wisdom which would need a whole book to explain and yet in the holy book of Noam Elimelech it is written in one paragraph in hebrew of just 16 lines; the above paragraph continues with deep and profound spiritual wisdom which is pure genius. This book is one of the most mind intensive spiritual books of pure genius in the way it is written that we have ever read and written just 250 years ago in Poland by pure genius of an amazing Soul Rebbe Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk. .


The Journey to the Grave and Tomb of the Noam Elimelech

"When Your Soul Needs Help - You Will Make the Journey"

"The Gates of Righteousness Are Open to Everyone"






From the Talmud Kesuvos 111a

And if you don't believe this is the place referred to in the Talmud - then you tell me - where is the "karna deSheShivta" קרנא דשיזבתא ?


The "karna deSheShivta" - Corner of Rzeszow - קרנא דשיזבתא


There is a tradition passed down from Reb Meir of Premishlan - that anyone who visits the tomb of Rebbe Elimelech will not leave this physical world before accomplishing their destiny and completing their purpose in life. It is said that one would be saved from pain at the end of times - חבלי דמשיח. All who've been to Lezajsk - have flown into nearby Rzeszow Airport or stayed in Rzeszow.


Rzeszow is pronounced SHESHOV - andis indeed the talmudic reference of the "karna deSheShivta" קרנא דשיזבתא . The Rzeszow Castle is defined by an unusual "corner" ? Could this be the reference to the Talmudic place of "karna deSheShivta" קרנא דשיזבתא ? The above photo of the castle of Rzeszow is next to the Letni Palac Lubormirksi - the summer home of Stanislaw Lubomirski whom thanks to the kindness of the Lubomirski family - who did so much good - that the chassidic movement was able to grow in Galicia as the special Polish noble family helped many Jews including tzaddikim like the Chozeh of Lublin when he lived in Lancut.


JW Praying at the Tomb of Holy Soul of נועם אלימלך of Lezajsk amongst good spiritual orthodox Jews.



Footnotes:- Explanations to the 1st - 4 intuitive spaces *

As I understand some readers have had difficulty in "tuning in" and understanding the 1st 4 intuitive spaces * meditations of the above passage; therefore I explain them as follows, hopefully you would have guessed them correctly :-

[Meditation A] Contemplate the concept that you have an existence in this physical world and simultaneously there is an aspect of "you" in the spirit world; likewise everyone has an existence in BOTH worlds; some people have more of a presence in spirit world than this physical world and conversely some people have a presence in this physical world than in the spiritual world. Consider when a person is sleeping that they are physically in this world but their soul is in spirit world; when a person wakes up the presence is more in this world. Whenever you want to connect with someone 100% you need to connect with them in this physical world AND in the spiritual world - otherwise the connection is not wholesome nor complete.


על פי שני עדים יקום דבר - "A person is one part of two"

Many people erroneously think they are ALONE - in fact we are all made up of halves - everyone living in this physical world has another half in existence in the spirit world. And even though you can't see or even sense the other half of your existence - you are just ONE HALF of a WHOLE - where the other HALF of you is in Spirit World.

I've seen many people refer to this as "your higher self" - that's the WRONG term - because you are EQUALS - as YOU ARE PART OF EACH OTHER - the other half is YOU - yourself - and not someone else - your progression forward in life is TOGETHER - as you elevate your spirituality together - as you change in this world so too your other half in spirit realms changes and elevates itself too.

However, there are times when you are DESTINED to be somewhere and doing something - but you have taken a different pathway - your soul is still trying to follow that original pathway and is more connected to that pathway than you are here - likewise you're more connected to the wrong earthly pathway than your other half is.

Even if you have gone along a different pathway you can still be brought back to the destined pathway at anytime - as BOTH halves of YOU - always resonate to all common energies - hence during a Meditation you can find yourself at peace with yourself.

This excerpt I was intuited to choose from "Sefer Noam Elimelech" explains that when the DIVINE GOD "spoke" and "called" to each of the prophets - the DIVINE called the name TWICE - referring to connecting with BOTH HALVES of the individual - the part of the person in this physical world AND the other half in spiritual world.


[Meditation B] Think carefully of the fact that everything that exists in this world NEEDS to and MUST have a root connection in the spirit world; if there is no supportive duplicate corresponding energy in the spirit world then it cannot exist in this physical world. This applies to everything in this world. If something happens in this physical world - it means something is happening in spirit world. If you sense happiness - then it's corresponding source in the spirit world is happy too; if you see pain - then there is a problem with it's source in spirit world. Now carefully consider EVERYTHING and EVERY happening in this physical world and contemplate the energy of it's source in spirit world.

[Meditation C] In considering that everything has an aspect in this world and in spirit world - then because SIN has no element nor source in eternal Divine spirit world of souls - this therefore means that the aspect of SIN just like the "SIN of ADAM" - which is the fact that a real sin is simply a DISCONNECTION with the spirit world. The energy created by a manmade SIN is a blockage between the physical and spiritual aspects of the person. Therefore a correction of any sin is to RECONNECT the physical with spirit world through meditation, prayer and thought energy to restore peace and calmness through remorse and regret at being in a state of "disconnection".

[Meditation D] The only state of sin is disconnection to spirit world; therefore whenever you feel drained and tired - it means that you are disconnected to spirit world; hence you feel that you want to go to sleep so that your soul can reconnect fully in spirit world. Consider all your actions during every moment of the day - do you feel ALIVE or DRAINED - if and when you feel drained - ask yourself why do you feel detached from spirit world and what has caused you to become detached ? The only answer is YOU, your actions, your thoughts and your own self-made blockages that you are preventing yourself from being connected with ALIVENESS with the pure Eternal DIVINE spiritual world of souls. To come ALIVE - CONNECT spiritually and if you have never "felt" the REAL spiritual energy of the Eternal spiritual world of souls then - why don't you go to one of the real spiritual gates & portals in this world - in just being there - you will indeed "sense" the pure glow of loving spiritual energy and it will always remain within you very strongly for eternity.


The Prophetic Vision of the Sudden-End-of-the-World

According to the Rebbe Elimelech from his book

According to the vision of Rebbe Elimelech [see original hebrew below] - the people of the world have freewill choice - and if circumstances are created to make the pathway follow a specific direction - then the prophetic vision will happen.

He predicts that the Moshiach will be living in the world - and hidden in North of Israel - but due to the fact that all the leaders of Israel focus more on money and materialism - and all the energies in the world are full of negative worries about "money" - where people value others according to their financial value and not their spiritual value - and where Jewish people who should be knowledgeable in their profound spiritual books - are more interested in their material possessions - then suddenly and abruptly - the whole physical world will vanish - and all the souls of everyone will hover in a state of limbo and nothingness.


I must add that according to one Jewish tradition - the karma of the world is defined - that whenever there are less than 36 Jewish people in the whole world - who are NOT concentrating on Spirituality - and are concentrating more on MONEY and MATERIALISM than on SPIRITUALITY - the sudden end can come.


Whether that's true or not - doesn't detract for YOUR DUTY for YOUR OWN SOUL - and that's to concentrate on your own spirituality - because when then time comes - all the people who are "spiritual" with your minds full of BIGGER things and wisdom more than earthly existence - will be able to detach yourselves from earthly worries - and raise yourself away from "earthplane" - whereas all those people who have routinely created daily worries of earthly existence and have no BIGGER spiritual thoughts in their head - will remain on "earthplane".


That's why I emphasize - it's so important to use the blessing of the internet to gather spiritual knowledge, expand you mind and let the information fill your mind - and to meditate on something much BIGGER than life. So if /when the Divine "backup" plan happens for the world - you will be prepared.


On writing this I should add TWO important points - and that's [1] if you feel "at peace" with yourself spritiually - then you have nothing to fear by whatever happens in the world - because you ACCEPT and TRUST that whatever happens is the Divine plan - and [2] amongst Christian and Muslim teachings - they too believe that the final day - will come suddenly - a specific spiritual day defined by Divine GOD - as quoted from New Testament Mathew 24:36 - be always prepared for "NO-ONE KNOWS THE DAY OF THE LORD".



The truth is all the Spiritual Secrets are Hidden and Embedded in many places

including in "Noam Elimelech", in the Talmud Kesuvos Daf/Page 111a,

in the Book of Daniel and in the words of Psalm 72





"Books-of-Secrets" Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך **updated every Saturday**


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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם - בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם