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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"Wisdom of the knowledge of Palmistry"

Sefer Yad Palmistry ספר חכמת יד

The Spiritual Writings by the Author of ספר סודי סודות

"You have Everything you need in the Palms of your Hands" - JW


ספר חכמת יד Sefer Yad Palmistry - "Wisdom of the knowledge of Palmistry" explains "Life" and proves that there's no such thing as COINCIDENCES - because from the smallest line with the intricate detail on the palms of your hands - your destiny is mapped.

In fact you could say - almost all major events in your lives are pre-destined and orchestrated to happen in accordance with a DIVINE destined plan - unless ofcourse you do something really stupid or something karmically HUGE that changes the pre-destined pathway of your life.


Yad Palmistry חכמת יד, explains the ancient art and wisdom of Palmistry, and this online version originally created in "2007" has been rewritten in "2014" to include everything I know that reflects the "modern" world we live and most applicable to our karmic generation - including spiritually enlightening facets that your hands, your hands, your fingers and fingertips control your lives - especially as you see how your fingertips typing-away on your smartphones, iPod/iPad and PC's and through the power of the "internet" are changing your lives.


The new and spiritually inspired knowledge has been gleaned from many old hebrew books but more importantly deciphered from many years of experience meeting real people in real life - and reading their palms. Palmistry is a paradox because unlike all the man-made religions and fake-spirituality - true spiritual wisdom is applicable to EVERYONE on Earth - hence "Palmistry" is a truthful reality - like "Astrology" - that applies to everyone - because of it's inherent DIVINE truth.

Indeed Spiritual Palmistry is connected to Spiritual Astrology - which I explain in depth in this full NEW version of the Palmistry section of the website - which has been rewritten and completed in September 2014.


Introduction to "Wisdom of Palmistry"

The Importance of Your Hands

"You have Everything you need in the Palms of your Hands"


To introduce you to comprehending the importance of Palmistry - to the respect you should give your own hands - start by thinking about these following aspects and you will see it will open-up your soul to a newfound spiritually enlightened wisdom and knowledge about yourself that you never realized you had.

It will even give you the power and enable you to be in tune with something BIGGER than yourself - and thereby enlighten you to realize that WITHIN your own hands - you have had and have the power to bring healing, create happiness, make success and define the meaning of your life with the inherent peace of mind that you will know - everything is going to be alright.


1. Wash your hands regularly [even if they aren't dirty] to take away the evil spirit רוח רע in order to keep your soul clean and pure.

2. Keep a watchful eye on where you put your hands, how you motion and move your hands and fingers, and then understand that according to your hand gestures you have the potential power to change your life.

3. Cut your fingernails regularly to cut away the negative "dead energy" from your body קליפות. Observe how you use each of your fingers and which ones you use to email, type and use your phone with.

4. Look at and hold your hands with respectful humility and understanding that the Eternal Divine GOD has imprinted your destined path on them in all the fine detail - the coded destined map of your life is defined by wisdom of "palmistry"

5. Cleanse your hands with water, and with fresh air - energize yourself and your soul by clapping - using "hand exercises" to feel and change the stagnant energy in your aura to become cleansed and positively energized.

6. Pray with your hands like Christians, spiritual sensitive people, Indians Hindus & Buddhists.

7. Use your hands to CALM yourself, to HEAL yourself - find PEACE as you study palmistry and ACCEPT your destiny.

8. When you understand the all the segments of your fingers - especially the 12 segments that represent the 12 star signs - you will realize the important inter connectivity to "Astrology" - and hence the wearing "rings" on your fingers. Not necessarily just a "wedding ring" on your Sun finger - but rings with specific gemstones - especially birthstones and other stones like Red-Coral for protection on the Jupiter Finger and Black-Onyx for destiny on Saturn and/or Mercury fingers - for every ring can enhance your good astrological qualities, protect you from negativity and rebalance any deficiencies you might have. Indeed when you understand the power of your own hands - you'll realize that you have all the answers you need in the palms of your hands.



Wearing Rings to Absorb Negativity & Enhance Qualities

One of the most traditional and best ways to absorb negativity is by wearing "rings" - equally wearing the right stone on the right ringer can enhance the positive qualities of the finger. For example, Black Onyx rings for Men on the Sagittarius segment of the Mercury finger - ensures that Men - focus on their exact destiny instead of being distracted by women - for Men are easily distracted by beautiful women - who use Sagittarian energies to take men's energy.

Hence Black Onyx ensures you only have eyes for the "right" one for you - and are kept focused on your "destiny". And likewise for women whom attract unwanted men's energies - wearing RED CORAL rings ensure all the unwanted energies - get absorbed and have no power. I hope these introductory points of Palmistry - get you "thinking" - and make you realize that your hands are one of the most important facets of "you".


"Wisdom of Palmistry" ספר חכמת יד

As my source of Wisdom of Palmistry "Chochmas Yad" is from all the Hebrew Texts on Palmistry

I use the Original Hebrew words with diagrams taken from the Old Jewish books

[One such book is available in Hebrew as free-download from HebrewBooks.org]



When you move you mouse-over the hand - each facet becomes BOLD & HIGHLIGHTED - CLICK on it!



The above "interactive hands" are in "adobe flash" and will NOT appear on Apple Systems/iPad/iPhone

You need a Windows-based computer / operating system to use the interactive "hands".

Apple devices will see EMPTY blanks above - but will be able to see this image below ...



Meeting someone new - instinctively People "Shake-Hands"

I'd like to say - "Show me your Hand"!

In ancient times - and even today - instinctively everyone always shake-hands - not just because of the gesture - but because you get a FEELING from the other persons hands. It's like your souls "talk" to each other - without saying anything. There's a warmth or a coldness - there's a trusting bond or there's a suspicious negativity.

Amongst spiritual palmists and from my experiences in Europe - where I've not understood the language of Romanian or Hungarian Gipsy's - I've shown them my hands - and we've smiled at each other. Indeed, amongst spiritual Gipsy's worldwide - meeting someone new means showing them your hands - to show an OPENESS of friendship and trust - indeed Palmistry will show you the TRUTH if you can trust them by "reading" who they are in their hands.


Palmistry Shows you the Future הרואה את הנולד

One of the main reasons people are fascinated by Palmistry is that - your hand enables palmists to read your future, to understand who you are, to explain your destiny and to help you accept your past and your life as a meaningful journey.

I believe that with the wisdom of palmistry on this website everyone in the whole world can see and understand their future from Palmistry - even if it may not be a very good clear vision of the future, nor may it not be a full picture of the future, nor may it what you want to hear - but it will assure you that your life has meaning, purpose and you have a destined pathway.


Using "Hand Exercises" to awaken the real "you"

In this new version of Wisdom of Palmistry - I'm emphasizing lots of aspects that I can see our specifically enlightening for our generation - especially with the use of your fingers in the access to the "Internet" - additionally I explain how to use your hands to awaken yourself to the real and destined version of yourself - whilst showing you how to keep closed and protected from all the negativity and distractions around you - I do this by explaining the following ...


1. Wake-up One's Soul by Clapping your hands

2. Wake-up One's Soul by Twiddling One's Thumbs

3. Tap and Press your Fingertips Together

4. Open Yourself Up to ALL opportunities - anytime of the day - by moving and gesturing your hands and arms.


"Wisdom of Palmistry" ספר חכמת יד

I hope you have benefited from the above introduction and knowledge of "hand exercises" above

This New Version of "Yad Palmistry" חכמת יד has been created and completed in September 2014


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם - בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן