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Audio's for Magic of SunSign Aquarius [Air]

Magic is Knowing the Truth about "You"

Intro' for all 12 StarSigns - "Magic" happens when you're being "YOU"

***You're the BEST VERSION of yourself when MAGIC happens*** [3 mins]


Wisdom of Aquarius to make you Successful & "Activated"

Audio #1 - 1st Ingredient for SunSign Aquarius


"Magic" for StarSign of Aquarius - Reactivate Feeling "ALIVE" again

Audio #2 - The Main Ingredients for SunSign Aquarius

The Best Version of You is when MAGIC happens


Extra Audio for "intense" readers - "Please Don't take life so seriously" [10 mins]

***Life hurts - when you're INTENSE. When you're RELAXED - MAGIC happens***

***This audio applies to all who feel - UNLUCKY - JINXED - CURSED by Life's experiences***



"Magic is Unlocking Your Full Potential"

The Magic of SunSign Aquarius [Air]

Your Full Potential is defined by Leo [Fire]


Aquarius [Air] is activated by your opposite Leo [Fire]

Aquarius [Air] needs [Fire] to be activated-awakened & lucky


Your opposite is Leo [Fire] clarity - the Exciting Life-Energy

[Fire] is strength - [Fire] says be brave - [Fire] says be excited


Leo [Fire] is the energetic StarSign because "it" excites

Aquarius [Air] is constantly looking for energetic Leo [Fire]


Aquarius [Air] searches for energy - trying "good & bad"

Aquarius [Air] will always search and trying to find "it"

Aquarius [Air] needs to constantly search - searching is healthy

Searching activates your heat-seeking inquisitive nature


Aquarius knows and believes there's a recipe for "Success"

Aquarius will search for "it" - until - "Magical Miracles" happen


1st - you need to feel activated - by way of - "Opposites"

Every planet in your chart - is activated by - "Opposites"


Aquarius defines "life" via your "experiences" - "good & bad"

Be honest - Don't avoid "it" - don't hide - don't fool-yourself


Aquarius needs to experience "good & bad" to get started

Aquarius needs to remind yourself of all the "good & bad"

You're the BEST version of yourself when see both "good & bad"


When you're depressed/dead-bored - re-activate your mind

Analyze and categorize everyone in your life into "good & bad"



The Truth of Magic for SunSign Aquarius [Air]

"Magic" says Avoid & Don't Listen to "Toxic"


Aquarius [Air] is afflicted by "Doing-Nothing" & "Laziness"

"Laziness" is created by The Squares of Scorpio & Taurus


Taurus [Earth] squares Aquarius [Air] - says "don't do it"

Taurus [Earth] says "don't bother - you can't change life"


Taurus [Earth] never takes-risks - and - never gives "it" a try

Taurus [Earth] prefers to do nothing than attempting something


"Some" Aquarius [Air] are afflicted by Lazy Capricorn [Earth]

[Earth] StarSign energies - slow-you-down - as you're an [Air]


It annoys you because inside you you feel bad when you're lazy

Decide "not-to-be-lazy" - "break-free" and "search-for-energy"


"Giving-it-a-try" is when Aquarius earns Success & Happiness

"Giving-it-a-try" & "Activity" creates "Your Magic"


Everytime you've had a miracle - you "Gave-it-a-try"

Ironically - "it" didn't cost you anything to "Give-it-a-try"

When you "Give-it-a-try" - life helps you with good-luck


Scorpio [Water] squares Aquarius [Air] - negative lazy moods

Scorpio [Water] is toxic - unhealthy - depressing - negative

Scorpio [Water] is toxic laziness, day-dreaming & time-wasting


When you're "Lazy" - you're "dead-bored" with life

Being "Lazy" are totally inappropriate for Aquarius [Air]


You're in a bad-mood => because nothing exciting is happening

Nothing exciting is happening => because you're in a bad-mood


Aquarius [Air] needs activity - Aquarius [Air] is an energy-mirror

Break-the-loop is your destiny - do-something - do-anything


When you make things happen - then => life happens

When you do nothing - then => nothing happens


Aquarius needs to avoid the squared signs of Taurus & Scorpio

Promise yourself to not to be influenced by Taurus & Scorpio

Promise yourself to never to become like Taurus & Scorpio


Taurus & Scorpio are the WORST for Aquarius

StarSigns of Taurus & Scorpio always "Fear-Failure"


Pretend to listen to Taurus & Scorpio => then disobey the fear

Listen to Taurus & Scorpio => then refuse to be frightened of life


When Aquarius listens to -ve - "it" prevents you from living life

Aquarius needs to stop listening to -ve nonsense and -ve idiots


Aquarius mantra for freedom and happiness is "I'm not listening"

Whenever you've said "I'm not listening" => you had success


Magic, Success & Happiness means life's happening for you

Life happens because you're not listening to negative people



"Magic is Unlocking Your Full Potential"

"Magic" says "Get Excited" by the "Gift-of-Life"

"Wise-Aquarius" needs the "Direction of Future"


Freedom is happiness - Happiness is Freedom

Every Aquarius has been "trapped" in negative situations

Every Aquarius has broken-free from negative situations

Every Aquarius has always got-the-gift to "break-free"


Re-activate your "Magic" by reminding yourself of the past

Activating Aquarius needs reminding of your own magic


You appreciate how lucky you are - when you remember the past

You appreciate life today - when you think how bad "it" was


Aquarius only realizes the good when you've had bad

The purpose of "bad" for Aquarius is to activate the "good"


Aquarius always has success in breaking-free from "bad"

But surely you don't need anymore "bad" to be "good"


Memories of how "bad" it was - is enough to activate you!

Aquarius is a "Thought-energy" - when you think wisely !


Your opposite is Leo [Fire] - powerful energy to go-forwards

Your Heat-Seeking-Energy - rules the direction of your future


"Thoughts of Determination" is what gets your life moving

"Thoughts of Rebellious actions" is what creates your magic

"Thoughts of Breaking-Free" is what gets you energized


Aquarius [Air] => ideally needs => Leo [Fire]

Jupiter in Aries [Fire] until => 17th May 2023

Mars in Leo [Fire] 20th May => 10th July '23

Venus in Leo [Fire] 5th June => 10th Oct '23

Sun in Leo [Fire] 23rd July => 23rd Aug '23


Aquarius [Air] needs [Fire] - ideally Leo [Fire]

Aquarius [Air] will enjoy Jupiter in Aries [Fire]


Jupiter in Aries [Fire] will create "Bigger than Big" for you

Jupiter in Aries [Fire] is what you've been waiting 12 years for


"Magic" needs you to Avoid "Toxic" and stop hesitating

"Magic" says "Stop-Listening-to-Negative-Nonsense"


"Magic" needs you to be "Honest" define good-bad

Aquarius accepts that there's good & bad people

Aquarius is logical & analytical - and - decides good


Aquarius [Air] are born-to-be-chatty, loveable & likeable

Aquarius are born-to-be-communicative happy-go-lucky

Keep-hold-of-the good-forever & discard-the-toxic-bad-forever


Magnetism will be Bigger-than-Big - Focus & Determination

Your Strong-willed Determination will determine your future



"Thoughts & Words" Creates Magic

Every Word of Truth Creates Magic


The "Magic" of "SunSign Aquarius" needs truthful words

The "Magic" of "SunSign Aquarius" needs to live-in-truth


The "Magic" is your spoken words in sync with your thoughts

The "Magic" is when people respond to you with truth


Speaking words of truth to people you want in your life

Hearing words of truth from people who want and love you


Everytime you've lied - you destroyed your relationships

Everytime someone lied to you - they destroyed your bond

You can't fix a lie - you can't reset - you need to let-go of them


Aquarius needs strong "connections" to good-energy-people

Aquarius needs to learn to "don't careless" about negative-people

Aquarius needs to learn to "stop-worrying" about anything

Set-yourself-free from squares of Taurus/Scorpiowho worry


Aquarius says "I don't careless about people who hate me"

Aquarius must say "I don't careless about nonsense"


Aquarius must say "I love people who love me"

Aquarius must say "I only care about things important to me"


Aquarius means you'll have people who hate & love you

Remember You're activated by energy of hate & love


"Belief is the Secret of Aquarius Magic"

Your Future's Magic is defined by Pisces


Aquarius is defined by your Next StarSign which is Pisces

Pisces is psychic starsign of believing in the future

Pisces is hidden, wealthy, sensitive & intuitive

Pisces listens to "it" all with psychic feelings to be successful

Moon Astrology is important to you - as feelings are important


Success is when you listened to your mysterious feelings

Failure is when you don't listen to your inner feelings


The Magic of Aquarius is defined by being Psychic & Sensitive

Never reveal "things" until "it" is fully permanent in your life


Future of Aquarius is defined by Pisces - your psychic feelings

Aquarians needs to learn to be secretive about your future plans


Saturn in Pisces [Water] on 7th March '23 => May 2025

Something BIG is going to be happening to you

Life is going to be kind to you - BE SECRETIVE






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